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The Camel Club by David Baldacci
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Sep 07, 2011

Character Journal Entries from The Camel Club.
Matt smith
Oliver Stone-
There has been a lot going on ever since the night at Roosevelt Island. The Camel Club members and I have been afraid ever since that night when we witnessed the murder of Patrick Johnson. We have been meeting almost every night discussing facts about the case, and we don’t want the cops to connect us to the murder since we witnessed it. Last night we decided to seek the truth, which is the old Camel Club way. We plan on figuring out who committed this crime so if the cops connect us to the crime then we have proof that we didn’t do it, and hopefully we won’t get in trouble. Right now the Virginia license plate is the best chance we have to find out about the murder and who’s connected to it. I hope in the end the right thing is done, and the crime is solved and the camel club does not get any blame.
Alex Ford-
This week my boss found out that I have been working on the Patrick Johnson case. I cannot believe Simpson ratted me out to Martin for looking into the case. Martin told me for my actions that I have been demoted. I feel like I was just finding out so much information on the Johnson case, and now it will be hard for me to continue. One thing I am happy about is that I finally went on a date with Kate Adams. Her and I have a lot of things in common. Kate has given me a lot of good advice on how to investigate the Johnson case. We have made a big break in the case, and we now know that a boat was used to get to the island, by whoever committed the murder. My brakes on my car were cut the other night when I left Kate’s house, and I crashed into a tree. When I got out of my car I was hit over the head with something, but I don’t know who did it. Now I am heading to Brennan to protect the president. I am going to protect the president as my job requires, but the Johnson case is still in the back of my mind.
Milton Farb-
My Girlfriend has been kidnapped and I don’t know who took her but I need to find her. I knew Johnson had to be doing something behind the systems back, and now we have found out that he was messing with NIC files, by reporting that terrorists were dead when they really weren’t. The Camel Club and I watched the video from when Reinke broke into my house, and Alex noticed the hand belonged to Tom Hemingway. The Camel Club is headed to Murder Mountain, and I am just hoping that everyone makes it out safely, because there are some dangerous people there. I am so relived that the Camel Club has found chastity. I am happy to have Alex and Kate as part of the Camel Club. I am unsure to trust people but I know that I can trust the members from the Camel Club. In the end, all of the work we put into the case was worth it, and the right people were punished.
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