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Kill For Me by Karen      Rose
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Sep 07, 2011

it was ok
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I've had the paperback on my TBR but hadn't got around to reading it and after the enjoyment of the previous 2 in this trilogy, I was keen to listen to this one and see how it ended. Unfortunately, this was not so much of a success for me. The hero in this book is Luke Papadopoulos. He's from Georgia, with a Greek heritage. It was hard enough to picture a dark Greek looking man with a Georgian accent but then Ms. Gilbert topped it off with one that was pretty high pitched. I just couldn't get it to mesh with what I knew of this character. Also, Susannah Vartanian - she's grown up in Georgia and then moved to New York when she was about 18 or 19 I think. She has a midwest accent, with no trace of the drawl. Alex Fallon on the other hand (the heroine in the previous book) had left Georgia when she was 16 and moved to Iowa and still had a strong Southern accent so again, that jarred for me a little (although to a lesser degree). I could have got around all of that but then there was the story. The evil villains were so evil they bordered on caricatures and just about all of them conveniently kept seekrit journals (a handy plot device but badly overused here). Near the end, it was like those monster movies where the zombie won't die - you know, where everyone's breathing a sigh of relief and then the zombie gets up and attacks again? Well, this book was kind of like that, except it happened more than once. There was a bit of eye rolling. Finally, Susannah is a victim of sexual abuse; she was raped by a gang of unknown men when she was 16 and then again (but by one man this time) when she was 23. Still, after only a few days of knowing Luke, she's having a fairly healthy sexual relationship with him. The book itself only covers about 2 weeks and it is the longest of the trilogy. In terms of "page time" it was nearly 3/4 of the way through when they started getting busy but it was only a few days in "real time". I didn't buy it. Also, given that Luke spends a lot of his days looking (unwillingly) at kiddie porn (in order to catch the bad guys - he's in internet crime), it seemed a bit incongruous to me that he had "dark" sexual tastes. Apparently Susannah does too, but their activities in the book were actually quite vanilla, so there were things which didn't add up for me. I got the impression that the trilogy hadn't been completely planned at the beginning (I have no idea whether this is the case or not) and there were some continuity issues which were pretty obvious when listening back to back but which I probably would have missed if I had just read the books as they were released.

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