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Hunt by L.C. Mawson
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Jul 20, 2017

it was amazing

Usually when you see autism mentioned, it is associated with negativity – a lack of ability to communicate or form close bonds, incorrect wiring of the brain, inability to pick up on non-verbal cues, no creativity, inability to adapt to changing conditions, etc. There always seems to be the idea that someone with autism has something missing. In the Freya Snow books, the reverse is true, and autism is seen in a wonderfully different and positive light. While the difficulties that people with autism have, are never underplayed, autism here is sign of ABILITY. People on the autistic spectrum have magic. They are not human, but magical beings – SUPERHUMAN. Ordinary (neurotypical) humans have difficulties relating to those on the spectrum, because they lack magic, and lack the memory of it ever existing.
Humans and the magical beings fought a bitter war, that was ended by the memories of the humans being reset, so they could not remember magic being in the world. Both tribes now keep their distance from each other, for the safety of all.
Freya Snow is an orphan, seemingly destined to hop from one foster family to the next, with no real family or friends – apart from Alice, who soon jets off to Japan. Freya and Alice are both on the spectrum, and both used to being considered freaks with no social graces. Now, with a new foster family and a new school, Freya is prepared for another miserable temporary placement where she won’t fit in. Suddenly Freya’s life changes as she discovers the hidden attributes of autism, her magic – and Damon. Damon is also new at school, and is not at all put off by Freya’s idiosyncrasies. Best of all, he has his own secrets, and allows Freya to keep hers, since she is forbidden to mention magic to a human. They soon become very close friends. Freya has also acquired a ghost mentor, Amber, to teach her how to use her magic.
However, all is not rosy. Freya is being stalked by something with red eyes.
These books are compelling and addictive – impossible to put down. The world that Freya Snow lives in, is so well thought out: normal, present-day Earth on the surface, but with a seething undercurrent of demons, vampyres, witches, mermaids, ghosts and others. No group is all good or all bad. There are similarities with Harry Potter’s magic world versus that of the muggles, but these stories have an entirely different emphasis.
Like her heroine, the author is on the autistic spectrum. She shows such an extraordinary imagination, empathy for teenager’s feelings, and talent for storytelling, that after you have read even one of these Freya Snow books, you will want to revise every preconception you have had about autism.
If you start with “Hunt” you will be overjoyed to discover that here are at least 7 more books in the main series, a prequel and two books of short stories. I read the first three books, and the short stories before drawing a breath, and now want to devour the rest. It is impossible to recommend this book highly enough.
I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review
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