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Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
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Sep 06, 2011

really liked it
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Recommended to Flannery by: Wendy Darling
Recommended for: Dragon Lovers
Read from September 06 to November 23, 2011

You know what is totally awkward? Listening to sexy books in audio format. There was a really great moment while I listened to this one when a friend of mine got in the car, I turned on the engine, and the narrator said something along the lines of “he caressed her breast as he pushed her legs further apart” and I frantically tried to switch to the radio, stumbling all over myself and hitting all the wrong buttons. Awkward City, population 1. Chalk that up as one more reason I prefer listening to murder mysteries, YA, sci fi, and fantasy. Also, it feels weird being turned on while I’m driving around. BAM! How’s that for TMI on Goodreads? But you know what the ultimate libido killer is in books? The scrunchie. Oh, didn’t you know? Some contemporary authors are under the impression that despite the calendar reading 2011, we are somehow still living in the 1990s. Bare midriff shirts? Holy hell. Pretty soon I’m going to read a new release where the main character wears backwards overalls like Kriss Kross with one buckle undone, a hypercolor shirt, and Airwalks.

I don’t want to harp on one tiny non-issue because this book was loads of fun. I initially started reading it with a friend but she blew past me because frankly, I’ve been a sucky reader with the attention span of a caffeinated toddler as of late. So I started it again as an audiobook and half listened, half read it the second time round. I’m a bit tired of fairies (scratch that, totally tired of them) but not at all tired of dragons yet so this worked really well for me. Plus, there are several more exciting Wyr kind in this book—Gryphons! Harpies! Thunderbirds! Goblins! (view spoiler)! Plus, you know, *cough* there may or may be some sexy dragon scenes.

With a delightful sense of humor, Thea Harrison introduces us to Pia Giovanni, who has just stolen something from the hoard of the most powerful dragon in existence. Who hired her? How’d she do the seemingly impossible? What IS she? While the reader knows the answers to several of these questions (and can probably guess the answer to the last one if they’ve read enough in the genre), the well-paced plot and action scenes kept me entertained until the last page. Something that often bothers me in romance books is when a supposedly strong woman allows the man to treat her like property or doesn’t allow her to make decisions. There were several instances in this book when I was angered by some action or statement that Dragos made BUT Pia almost always stood up to him or addressed why it made her uncomfortable. She seemed realistically strong yet vulnerable and I didn’t find her needy or annoying, which is probably reason to celebrate. (or at the very least, continue reading the series…which I will do, probably next week!)
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Wendy Darling Best opening paragraph EVER.

Christina Αgreed. ^ :D

message 3: by Reynje (new)

Reynje I love Kriss Kross.

Also, this review is awesome.

Katie I enjoyed this book too...I was tentative about listening to smexy on audio, as well. Then I asked a friend (Regina) about it, and she told me: "Let's just say it is a performance!" I have since looked forward to what the narrator does with the scene. It is a good change of pace every once in awhile. I have since been hooked on audiobooks at work. Great review.

Catie Ear buds...a must-have accessory for sexy novel listenin'.

message 6: by Meghan (new)

Meghan I listened to the Darkfever series on audiobook, and roughly had the same response. AWKWARD to listen about sex. Because if I want to skip over something, I can't just flip a page.

Also, my mom and I listened to 'Water for Elephants' on a road trip, because nothing really hinted at there being a scene near the beginning with a midget mastrubating. YEAH.... with my MOM. In the CAR. Let's just say we switched to a YA fantasy/adventure novel and didn't look back. Or talk about it.

message 7: by Elizabeth (new) - added it

Elizabeth Hunter I snorted my coffee. My laptop might be glaring at you.

So, other than the scrunchy, a fun read? I might have to check this out. I am a dragon fan...

And also, this is why I do not generally listen to audiobooks unless they are very literary and respectable. Friend enters vehicle, I can simply shrug, as if to say, 'doesn't everyone listen to Tolstoy while in their car running errands?'

message 8: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Oh the chagrin!!! LOL Glad you enjoyed this one despite being caught with your audio on. :P Your review was awesome Flann. :)

JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko Love the review... what a crack up.

message 10: by Jo (new)

Jo LOL Flann, I love you.

Flannery @Katie--do you listen to these sexy audiobooks AT WORK? Oh geez, I don't think I could do it.

@Elizabeth--This is a public service announcement. Outdated fashion trends in books is a huge issue affecting nearly every genre. The only times some of them would be appropriate are if the novel is set in a time when that trend was popular or if someone has just stepped out of a time machine.

Catie--You love your ear buds:) I mostly listen to audiobooks in the car so I'd feel dangerous (in a bad way) using ear buds. But I bow down to your speed demon audio ways.

@Meg--I can only imagine. The only books I've listened to with other people are sci fi or crime thrillers. I bet you thought Water For Elephants was a safe bet! I also like YA novels on audio because they are so short in comparison. (6 discs or so compared to 11+)

@NewElizabeth--Sorry about the coffee. You sly dog, trying to look like so literary for your friends. Some of those books are so.boring. on audio. Embrace the dark side!

@Arlene and Jo Anna--Thanks:) Luckily, I have the book of the next two in the series. No more awkward sexy times for me...at least in the next week or two.

@Jo--You know the feeling is mutual. Our love was cemented the day we recognized our mutual love for snark and dogs in funny clothes.

message 12: by Jessi (new) - added it

Jessi Fantastic review!!!!!

Katie The Kansas State Library doesn't do smexy...I am listening to A Game of Thrones right now. It is eye opening. I was pronouncing Catelyn - Kate-lin, and the narrator is saying it like Cat-a-lin...and I was saying Arya's name in my mind like: area. And, the narrator is pronouncing it like are-ia.

message 14: by Jo (new)

Jo If/when I meet a dog in dogeralls who can provide snark up to Jolann (doesn't that sound like it could be some kind of mysterious YA hero with a past?)standards, I will bundle him up and send him to you in a brown paper package wrapped up in string.

Um, with air holes.

Katie I do have ear buds for those certain scenes though; even though George leaves much to our imaginations...

message 16: by Shannon (new) - added it

Shannon Wendy Darling wrote: "Best opening paragraph EVER."

Also agree on this, although ... what's wrong with Airwalks? :<

Flannery Nothing at all, they were just super popular around the same time as those other things. Same with Sambas--people still wear those but they were THE shoes to have when I was in junior high.

message 18: by Shannon (new) - added it

Shannon Oh man, I forgot about Sambas. Yes, everyone had those too.

message 19: by Nomes (new)

Nomes rising out of your review slump, eh? LOL.

this is a classic.

i feel scared of sexy dragon scenes. i am not entirely sure what that even means? logistically...


message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

This is a very funny review!

There's a "sexy" scene in the first Sookie Stackhouse book that involved a banana clip being romantically removed from Sookie's hair. For sure that was written in the 90s, but the banana clip has NEVER been sexy.

message 21: by Flannery (last edited Nov 25, 2011 10:16AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Flannery The things a banana clip does to hair really aren't flattering. I just googled it for reassurance.

Elizabeth, I felt the same way in the Sookie books. They are STILL like that to this day. I wonder if editors ever consider editing fashion choices?

Metaspinster Hi. You don't know me but just about peed myself laughing and perplexing my sweetheart by muttering out loud "WTF scrunchie!?" (Which is pretty much what I said to myself while reading the book - with an added "maybe in the sekrit confine of home MAYBE but outside? In the world? "

Anyway. Good times.

message 23: by Flannery (last edited Nov 25, 2011 12:29PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Flannery I was trying to think of whether I even had/have one scrunchie left and I'm 99% sure the answer is no. I used to have one that I sometimes wore instead of a stretch headband when I wash my face in the evening...in my bathroom...alone. But no, I threw it out a few months back.

There really was only one or two mentions of a scrunchie and a bare midriff shirt in this book but once is enough to remind me of it every time clothes are mentioned. Or long, luscious hair and a guy brushes his lady's hair. (because then I imagine a dude sexily pulling someone's scrunchie out...which is impossible.)

Missie Yay for TMI on Goodreads!

Team Scrunchie!

message 25: by Chichipio (new)

Chichipio Hmm… Liking TMI reviews make me feel a bit naughty, even when they manage to squeeze a few laughs out of me.

Flannery Oh man, I just thought about when that happened again. I have no idea what I would've said if it was my parents. Even if they're cool, it's still embarrassing:)

Katie I recently read the banana clip scene; you guys are cracking me up. I also had a cringe moment with the lace up the side denim jeans...

Flannery Doesn't everybody wear lace-up denim jeans? (view spoiler)

Hdeanh just laughed out load, love a good catching review :)

message 30: by Sarah (new)

Sarah or when you're going through a drive through window. trying to pretend you're not listening to smut because it happens to be the part where someone is typing at their computer in the office. yeah never. not me.

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