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Little Monsters by Kara Thomas
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hey everyone, i actually wrote a review the day i finished the book!! i'm so proud

basically this is one really big rant so enjoy :)

- this book features: some really messed up characters
- like really messed up
- messed up to the point where i feel uncomfortable and scared and weirded out
- TOO many messed up characters
- is there no one normal here??
- kacey says she’s like a some really angry messed up (gasp) girl or whatever but like,, doesn’t act like it most of the time
- it's just like 1 or 2 episodes of acting out and then that's it
- and then she's all like "no i can't let other people see me like this" and ??? like what
- bailey is so infatuated with her crush that she wants to murder people
- did you hear that?? she wants to murder people just because she thinks they're having a relationship with her crush
- let me also mentions that she thinks incest is happening. and she believes it because "of the way they look at each other" like hello have you seen any other proof besides how they look at each other
- and because she DEFINITELY KNOWS that that person is in a relationship with her crush and not, idk, maybe looking at him in a sibling-love way, she plans to murder her
- messed up, yes??
- and then jade
- i don’t even get her intentions over everything—poor character developing. (view spoiler)
- oh and another thing that really annoyed me was that (view spoiler)
- unlikeable characters
- the only likeable characters ended up being unlikeable
- well except for andrew, andrew is pure
- also the #1 reason i hate reading thrillers is that everyone is always falsely accused and like i get that it’s for the purpose of making PLOT TWISTS and SURPRISING YOU but still?? i just get so annoyed. and everyone’s all whining “noooo i didn’t do it” and then you can’t trust anyone and i’m a sappy person and i want to trust EVERYONE
- a lot of the “clues” were pointless
- i mean, i was surprised about who the killer ended up being but look, i am absolutely horrible at predicting things that happen in books so don’t trust me
- you’ll probably guess it
- i’m just stupid
- literally the only reason i kept reading this was to find out who did it because i could not figure it out
- but really??? i didn’t care. i wasn’t like “OHHHH IT’S TOTALLY HER” or “omg stop questioning him”. i wasn’t invested in the murder at all
- i pretty much was like a satellite in outer space watching an astronaut float away into nothingness but unfortunately i have no soul or heart so i didn’t really care about if he died or not :) watching him float away was my entertainment :)
- tbh why did i not dnf this
- and the ending pretty much wrapped nothing up. like sure we know what happened to the killer and other things but other than that, it was very open (TOO open)
- the only pros of this book were that there was no romance!! (well with the main character) and it was actually pretty easy to read

so yeah this book was not at all enjoyable because everything and everyone is SO FRICKING MESSED UP and not in a good way. but you may like it so idk?? pick it up if it interests you!

also i got so annoyed from writing this review so i’m bumping it down to a one-star. :) congrats, little monsters, you are my first one-starred book!!!


1.5 stars (the lowest rating I've ever given wow I'm so proud???)

This book was not worth staying up all night for. Also remind me never to read a book with murder right before I'm going to sleep thanks.

But even tho I had so many ISSUES with it... I can't bring myself to really HATE it??? Maybe that'll change when I write my review (sometime next month probably) but right now, I just ~~dislike~~ this book.

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message 1: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Paquet Thank you for reviewing it before I even considered getting it at the library (mainly i found the cover interesting tho)

may ➹ { abi } wrote: "haha nope. this review was enough to make me take it off my tbr. thanks for saving me time!"

ahahaha, i hope you didn't make a mistake! you never know, you may end up loving it ;)

may ➹ Daisy wrote: "Thank you for reviewing it before I even considered getting it at the library (mainly i found the cover interesting tho)"

the cover is very interesting! and agh, it's good that you're saving yourself from this :')

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)


may ➹ WOO HOO!!!

message 6: by may ❀ (new)

may ❀ ew

nice roast tho i didnt think you had it in you

may ➹ maybelline ⚓ wrote: "ew

nice roast tho i didnt think you had it in you"

read it so you can roast it too

fite me

sofia (sam willows) I agree everything u said but I still gave it 3.5 stars

oh well

sofia (sam willows) also I kinda felt like it was following the scooby doo formula (wtf lmao) that they started with the supernatural and that whole “lady in red” thing only to take the mask off and bam! human

may ➹ listen this is probably a huge crime but i've never watched scooby doo & have no idea what you're talking about

Puchowska Seems like you're complaining about a thriller being a thriller...

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