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Sep 05, 2011

it was amazing
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I need to rant. No, not about Max and Dylan being together. Not about the title, not about the changes and how "sucky" the last books have gotten. I am ranting about you dumb trolls! I know I'm going to get so much hell for this, but I think you guys that are reviewing this series are ALL wrong. I made an account on this website just so I could say this, that's how mad I am. First off, why are you all saying Max should be with Fang? Why?! I loved the "Fax" couple up to the end of Fang when Fang left the flock. Why? Because Fang's sorry little emo butt doesn't deserve Max. Let's recap what Fang has done to hurt the flock; left them . . . twice. Then, right after he left, he automatically went to his little blog and replaced Max with get this, Max II. Let's stop here; if a boy I loved had replaced me right after he left with my clone, I could never, ever forget. Forgive MAYBE, but forget I would never, which is why Max should NEVER get back together with Fang. EVER. Now let's move to the subject of Dylan. I hated his guts. HatED being the key word. Dylan may have entered the flock quite . . . unexpectidly but he was made to love Max. Think about it from Dylan's point of view; the person you were literally made for hated your guts and loved another person who broke it off with your love, emotionally scarred her, yet she STILL loves him and is after him (kinda). Wow. POOR DYLAN! And another thing, it wasn't Angel's fault exactly she turned on Max. Yes, I hated her in Fang, but she is only six! SIX! Muntant bird kids make mistakes too :( and in Angel, she was like Max's fricking awesome sidekick! And remember, her voice made her split up the flock. NOT. HER. FAULT! She was just following in Max's footsteps by listening to her voice. Now I know that you trolls are going to say that Fang made a mistake like Angel did and he should just pull an Angel move or something. No. Fang is fourteen. He's smarter than a six year old. Duh! Anyway, so based on my rants, here is how I think Nevermore should play out: "Maya" gets killed in some freak accident (*cough cough* MAX) and Fang's little friends freak out and say it's "too risky" and that they're out. Fang runs back to the flock. They let him back in and Dylan cusses under his breathe. Fang tries to rebuild his relationship with Max , but she pushes him away farther. Dylan then pulls Max away to talk and they make out (<3) Fang sees this and freaks out. Max sees him and flies after him and they have a HUGE arguement. Max then remembers she is meant to save the world and breaks off her relationship with both Fang and Dylan. Max then saves the world with epic explosions and battles, finds Angel and Dylan becomes Max's boyfriend. The end. Further reasoning/rants: Okay so now we know my Nevermore fantasy. Like it Fax's? LOL anyway, I don't like Maya. She's annoying and I don't know why . . . oh I know: irony! Fang hated Ari for trying to kill the flock and blah blah blah but then he welcomes Maya into his flock when she did the same thing! HA! Fang is just an a**hole. So anyway, I am done. I love Maximum Ride all the way BECAUSE it makes you feel empathy, rage, sadness, etc. You guys need to know that that is what makes a book good, not the romance. Please, learn that. Okay I'm done. <3
***Sorry for being so obnoxious LOL***
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message 1: by Chance (new) - added it

Chance this is exactly how i feel about everything lol!!!

message 2: by Alicia (new) - added it

Alicia Haha me too! Fang REALLY made me mad when he promised he would stay and then didn't! but if Max dosen't want Dylan I'll GLADLY take him! :)

Elise I completely agree!

Silvertabbycat Thank you! If this is how the story plays out(along with tying up all the other loose ends) it will definitely become one of my favorite books of all time!

Emma Silvertabbycat wrote: "Thank you! If this is how the story plays out(along with tying up all the other loose ends) it will definitely become one of my favorite books of all time!"


message 6: by Stephanie (new) - added it

Stephanie I'm just going to put this out there for all the Fax fans out there. I totally get where you're coming from with this but I think the Fax fans just think the relationship between Fang and Max makes more sense. I mean, they've known each other forever and Dylan is new to all this. Besides, love is about forgiveness. So I'm all for Fax though I repeat I do get where you're coming from. And btw I didn't think your review was obnoxious at all!! I wasn't offended; everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Michael you may not be offended, but i am. who ever heard of a book with no romance. every show, book, move has to have just the tinyest bit of romance. even spongebob needs it. thats why mr crabs loves the boating instructor mrs puff. ow, yeah and i do hope maya dies. go fax!

Emily Hathaway maya is pretty innocent.but she doesnt deserve fang.and dylan is so damn annoying.not all opposites attract (max and dylan).

Emily Hathaway i dont care what happens to maya (AT ALL SHE CAN FALL IN A DITCH).but Dylan just needs to die.cause otherwise he'll always be around messing up fang and max's relationship

Ice Queen Wanderer •The Cursed Prophetess• I agree with everything except Dylan, who needs to die because of a certain rated R disscussion in Angel. Ew.

Ice Queen Wanderer •The Cursed Prophetess• I agree with everything.
Maximum Ride
May your bad parts be forgotten.

message 12: by Aliza (new)

Aliza i agree with everything

message 13: by Maya (new) - added it

Maya Martinez ....................../´¯/)
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Jennifer I wish the author had followed your recommended plot. And, you nailed why Max should NOT BE WITH FANG!

message 15: by Nic (new)

Nic AGREED :D she should save the world without the two guys they just hinder the whole saving the world thing. i liked fang at first but once he left i was so pissed off and then he just comes back and max forgives him so easily?! and BOO DYLANS SO ANNOYING D:

Mahima K. What's wrong with u muggles? Max and rang forever!

Mahima K. Ugh fang.


message 19: by Siri (new) - rated it 5 stars

Siri Shelstad I agree with you sooooo much. I love fang to death but I would not be heartbroken if he died I actually hoped he would. I love Dylan so much and max really annoys my sometimes. But I hate how it ended I think max and Dylan should have been bf and gf and been done with all this wishy washy stuff. I love the books but common! Dylan deserves max and fang deserted her when she needed him.

Kaylie I agree with toy, but mot the relationship part. Yes, I love a little romance, but I also think that,in the end, Max shouldn't date anyone on the flock (or a regular person). She would be better off just a single Pringles in a whole world full of evil scientists. Let's go back to the beginning. Max was with no one and was good at keeping the flock together and safe. When she began to date Dang, she became soft. She couldn't fight well, she couldn't keep the flock together (they split in half, right?) And she cried almost every day. (OVER FANG!!!!!!) When Dang broke her heart, she cried and cried and cried and did nothing else. Relationships just don't work for her character. I love her character and everything, it's just I don't think that she should be dating anyone. ANYONE!!

Kaylie Fang*

message 22: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Exactly

message 23: by Angel12 (last edited Aug 07, 2014 10:50AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Angel12 I totally agree with you Emma. I mean seriously Max sooo should've ditched Fang when he left and replaced her with her. Then he comes back all like, "Oh Max I love you forgive me." So, goodbye Fang. Now for Dylan, your so right about him too he's so freakin annoying! I personally hated him, and Max so should not have dated him any more than she should've dated Fang. BTW I did think Dylan should've died like Maya, cause I mean he kinda ruined everything you know sort of like between Max and Fang(but I was totally ok with that)plus Angel started to sort of go along with him-Dylan. Also I don't actually think Dylan was made to love Max, I think he was actually made to kill Fang(like the book says). And what happened Max's super power of going up to 300 mph? Fang can't keep up with her at full speed.
Well I loved the book but I thought those points were the biggest let downs... oh yea, and I think Max totally should've trusted Angel in the end. That and who is Angel's Voice? I didn't think your comment was obnoxious, because that is exactly how I see it. Oh yea, what color is Max's hair? Make up your mind Patterson!

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

I really hate Fang after he let the a Flock so screw Fax.

message 25: by Sofia (new) - rated it 1 star

Sofia hmm don't hurt me but Fang and Max STILL end up together at the end of this?

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