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The Red by Tiffany Reisz
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Jul 30, 2017

it was amazing
bookshelves: ghost, erotica, bdsm, arc, netgalley-reviews, supernatural

How to categorize this book? It defies boundaries, just like its writer. I found this lovely gem through a new app on my mobile, Radish. I loved the first few chapters so I had to get the entire book. I could not find it available in stores at the time so I went to Netgalley. To my extreme delight, I found it there. This book is fantastic and well worth the read.

For those who like supernatural stories, this is the book for you. Lovers who defy the natural world are somehow a bit more exciting and erotic. In this tale, Ms. Reisz creates an erotic feast in role playing which is so realistic, the line between reality and fantasy are blurred. Specifically for Mona Lisa St. James who is desperate to save her mother's art gallery. When a man comes to Mona for a deal which would net her the millions she needs, she takes him up on this offer.

I am impressed with how Ms. Reisz creates this world. It is a simple vengeance tale with so many erotic twists that it may overload some readers. The premise of why this is happening and how Mona's mystery lover is doing this requires a suspense of reality. It is the kind of saving a damsel in distress that speaks to readers who would like to escape their daily grind, for just a little bit. To run away from the bills piling up and the hopelessness in a situation with no good outcomes. Who can not relate to this universal theme? Then Ms. Reisz takes our hand and leads us down the rabbit hole into a world of fantastic sexual debauchery. If there is one thing Ms. Reisz excels in, it is her erotic scenes.

These rich scenes of sexual delights will revive jaded readers like myself. The imagery projected are so lifelike, I can see it in my mind's eyes. The descriptions which include several of our five senses overwhelms me with lust. I must confess, each sexual interlude between Mona and her lover excited me in all the kinky ways I love. Ms. Reisz's erotic musing can rev my arousal from zero to 100 in less than six seconds.

This story is more than just an orgy. There are some interesting points she makes about women selling their body for money. This is a very unpopular stance and yet, I agree with Ms. Reisz whole heartedly. The questions as to why selling a body is so wrong is a justified one. It is a touchy subject and I liked how it was handled in this book. I also enjoyed the history and learning how the lover came to be. When it looks as if this story will end in a bittersweet way, Ms. Reisz does something I rarely see her do. She provides a happily ever after. Colour me shocked. This erotic novel is a work of art which teases and tantalizes a sensualist. Highly recommended for its character, plot and erotica.

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