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The Prophecy of the Stones by Flavia Bujor
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Sep 05, 2011

liked it

** spoiler alert ** The Prophecy of the Stones is about three girls who each play an important part of an ancient prophecy. Their names are Jade, Amber, and Opal.
Jade is a rich daughter of a duke. She is spoiled, confident, and stubborn. Her eyes are the color of her name, and she has long black hair, which she takes great pride in.
Amber is a peasant, who loves nothing more than to lay in in the sunshine. She is happy, likable, and sensitive. Once again, the stone of which she is named after seems to have sculpted her appearance. She has wild red hair and hazel eyes.
Opal has never really had any feelings. She goes about her day without any emotion whatsoever. She is quiet and doesn’t especially like the company of others. Opal has curly blond hair and blue eyes.
On their fourteenth birthday, all of these very different girls discover that their past and futures and closely entwined together. Their guardians tell them that they’re not their real parents and that they must immediately set out to a specific tree to discover their fate. They are all then given their birthstones.
In a different universe, Joa is dying in a hospital in Paris. She has no hope left of survival, and most of her time is spent lost in dream world. But her dreams are quite extraordinary, because they are the tale of Jade, Amber, and Opal. Little does Joa know that the girls’ fate depend on Joa’s.
Although at first they regard themselves as enemies, the threesome soon become close friends. They set out on a journey to end the Council of Twelve’s rule over the world. Along the way, they discover love, friendship, and themselves.

The book was ok. I liked some parts, but others were super cheesy. The cheesy parts were mostly the romance. It was really stupid.
So they have to meet this guy named Adrian to help them escape this city. The second Opal looks at Adrian, she falls completely in love. One look, and she’s totally sure that she’s gonna spend the rest of her life with him. And she notices him checking Jade out, but she just thinks, It’s a mistake. We were destined for each other and he will understand that soon.
Then they’re fighting this battle against the city police, and Opal stands up to say something to the police. Suddenly Adrian is flabbergasted. How could I have been so blind?! He questions himself. The Opal is stabbed with a knife and Adrian runs up to her and kisses her even though now she’s dead. “I loved her,” he said to one of the guards.
COME ON! That is the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard. How can someone fall completely in love with just one look? That’s taking “love at first sight” to the extreme! And the part about the battle… LAME.
And btw, it turned out that Opal really wasn’t dead because Death was “on strike”. Yep. Because apparently Death is a middle aged woman who’s depressed that no one appreciates her enough. And she’s trying to go on a diet.
The other love part was about Amber and “The Chosen One”. The Chosen One is the guy in the prophecy who’s supposed to liberate all the people in Fairytale.
So Amber looks at him. He looks at her. And apparently “they felt as if their spirits were being lifted out of their bodies and they saw each into each others’ hearts and souls” (that's not an exact quote but it's basically what the author wrote). They talk for a bit, and they’re completely pledged to each other. Totally and blissfully in love. After three hours. Sure.
And at the end, I wish the girls died. Okay, that comes out sounding like I have some problem with life and happiness, but it’s because the ending was too nice. The girls are supposed to kill themselves in order to save the world, but when they jump out the window, some birds swoop them up but their stones are transformed into “golden rain” anyway. The golden rain somehow saves the world, I think because it gives everyone “the priceless gift of hope”.
So it was a little too goody-goody. It felt like one big Disney fairytale. But I liked some of it. Especially the part about Joa.
It turned out that the Fairytale world is thousands of years into the future. The stones that the three girls carried were made out of the gift of hope that was passed on to them from all these different people from the past. Every single one of those people was essential to the making of the stones. Joa is one of those people. She realizes if she does not survive, the gift of hope will die with her, so the girls will not be able to complete their mission all those years in the future. So Joa knows that she has to live, and she is now determined not to die. There’s also this guy that’s probably her boyfriend. He visited her at the hospital once, but never again after that. She had felt like he had betrayed her, but at the end of the book, she calls him and tells him that she’s about to die and that she forgives him. He runs over to the hospital, and that’s the end of the book. You never get to hear their conversation or know that Joa gets better, but I’m pretty sure that it does happen. I was very happy with that final chapter.
I also wanted to add that it's awesome that the author started writing the book when she was thirteen. Kudos to you Flavia!

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