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Endgame by Ann Aguirre
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This is the sixth and final book in the series. I had the opportunity to read the first five books back to back (within a month), and then I was forced to wait a year for this final book. Given the way the series builds, I think I would have enjoyed the last book more if I had read all six back to back.

I had some issues getting back into the flow of the story. It wasn't till March was onstage that the history seemed to fall back in place for me. Obviously that wouldn't have been an issue if the rest of the story was fresher in my head.

I just re-read my reviews for the first five books, and it confirms my impression that the resolution for the overarching plot arch (for the entire series) occurred in "Aftermath", leaving "Endgame" to clean up loose plot threads. Those threads being helping Loras free the rest of his race, and Jax resolving her relationship with March.

For a series surrounding a character who is born to navigate Grimspace, it was odd to be planet bound for the entire book. It was a slow and brutal uprising, offering the cure to each individual and recruiting each to the cause of liberating La’heng.

While it looked like March and his nephew would only make a cameo visit at the beginning of the story, circumstances conspired to draw them into the rebellion.

Possible spoilers....

While, once again, this is a brutal war where not everyone escapes unscathed, the ending was more positive and more resolved than I was expecting. For some reason I was expecting a nebulous ending, both plot wise and romance wise. But neither of those fears materialized.

In a strange twist, Jax undergoes cosmetic surgery to slip into the role of a La’heng female. So as she walks away from her final battle, the once notorious Sirantha Jax is now "a new woman".

Definite spoiler, the final paragraphs:

Anything worth having is worth fighting for. I forget where I first heard that, but it's true. He's worth everything. His agreement echoes in my head.

After all this time, March knows what I want and what I can offer. He gets me down to my breath and bone; he will not try to change me. For him, I need not yield what makes me Jax; I need not surrender the universe for March's sake. No, he will give it to me. He will share it with me.

I take his hand as the ship powers up, and La’heng recedes below us. At this point, I've gotten my name in enough record books ... and I want something other than notoriety. Now, so far as the galaxy's concerned, I'm going quietly off the charts. After all, the adventure has only just begun.

Love those last two lines.

Excellent series. Strongly recommended. Read the books in order, and if possible, back to back.
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