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Kindred by Octavia E. Butler
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Apr 19, 2008

it was amazing

Wow... intense book! We're reading this for school, and my teacher has warned us again and again that this book was NOT written for kids... we've learned that already after reading a quarter of the book already! However, I am pretty happy that we're reading this because it goes with our curriculum, and it really is pretty interesting... I actually like reading historical fiction books.... they teach people about history without them having to open a textbook every time....
Anyway, this book is about Dana, a black woman living in the 1970s when all of a sudden, on her birthday, she is mysteriously transported to the antebellum south (the south before the civil war happened) to save her ancestor, Rufus Weylin, who is drowning. After this, she keeps being transported back in time to save Rufus (who keeps getting himself into trouble). You can probably guess how hard this is for her because she is going from a free black woman in the 1970s to a slave woman in 1815 who supposedly belongs to her husband from the 70s, who transports back in time with her.
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Christine Seriously! I could never think of all that and NOT go insane.

Christine Yah.... that is kind of true... u should have pressed more so u could say what u felt. i bet she would have agreed....

Christine Make sure to wave your hand WILDLY in the air so she MUST call on u to get u 2 stop.

Christine she wouldn't hate u, but she'd be like wth is wrong w/katia?

Christine aww... mayb she was in a bad mood?

Christine not sure.

Christine Food! what about u?

Christine interesting.. i changed my mind... i'm doing literature... like Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Christine THAT'S SO NASTY.... ewww now i'm gonna be freaked out whenever i get a scrape....

Christine I c ur point.... but still.. that's nasty.

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