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Alien Education by Gini Koch
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Jul 07, 2017

it was amazing
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Kitty, how I love you. This latest adventure with Kitty Katt keeps me rolling in laughter and snarky fun. I nearly missed this book coming out. Ms. Koch write so quickly and in hi-def humour. For those who have never picked up a book in this series, start from the beginning. This is not a standalone even if Ms. Koch recaps certain past experiences very well. It is best to read this series from beginning to end in order.

I loved this latest book. I have yet to read a slice into the life of Kitty that I doesn't keep me laughing and enjoying myself. What I love most about Ms. Koch is how she takes the realities of life and takes them to an incredulous level. What happens to Kitty is not too different than what most parents face. She worries about her kids. She has to work with the Parent Teacher Association. What is different is how out of control it can become when she is the wife of the President and other aliens think of her as their saviour. How does a woman find work life balance? This is a universal theme for the working woman who also wants to be a mother. This makes Kitty quite relate-able. When she is trying her best at a job which is beyond stressful with life and death situations, there are Queen Bee mean girls trying to take her down.

Not sure how Ms. Koch does it, but she perfectly blends being a mom protecting her kids with being a superhero, protecting the weak. Aliens all over are coming to Earth, hoping for the last stance against the evil oppressors. Whilst this is going on, an out of control parent with control issues decides to set Kitty up for failure. The way Kitty handles the PTA bake sale is impressive. Especially as we all know, Kitty does not really have a domestic bone in her body. I loved how she handles everything with a can do attitude and a healthy dose of snark.

This book is yet another page turning and action packed. It never stops. I would say this is the same old stuff just a different day, but somehow, Ms. Koch makes it feel different, each time the villains show up. Each twist makes it a variation of a riveting action/suspense theme. Of all the authors who are receiving movie or tv series deals, I really wish Ms. Koch would receive one. This series is perfect for a TV series or Movie. The characters are rich, the plots are well thought out and the world building is out of this world. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Buy it now!

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