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A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
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Sep 04, 2011

really liked it

Love Rachel. Love her team. Love these books. Already counting down to the next.

That said, this isn't my favorite in the series, but that's okay. Harrison creates a high standard for herself. And the very reasons I didn't like this one as much may be the very reason others think it's the BEST.

My bias is this: I love Ivy and Jenks. Any side characters that infringe on their solidarity get the big ol' hairy eyeball from me. I'm also one of those rarer-than-a-dodo-bird readers who has no interest in seeing Rachel together with Trent. Do I want them to be close? Yes. Do I want them to have an up and down, slightly uncertain relationship? Totally. But the "chemistry" between them just feels so forced.

Is it wrong that I want Trent to stay somewhat shady and mysterious, and not watch him morph into Rachel's lapdog and personal bodyguard? Is it wrong that I want him to be a person who helps Rachel grow by openly using her weakness against her and her strengths for him (to her utter frustration)? That's the Trent I like. For the two of them to become a couple, they both have to give up too much of themselves and become two washed-out hybrids of each other. No thanks.

My secret wish *braces self for incoming projectiles* is that Trent will hook up with another elf have unabashedly elf-alicious kids... I mean, he is basically part of an endangered species, It's like asking a Tazmanian Tiger to mate with a Siberian Tiger just because they have frisky play sessions.

Yes, you may cast stones at me. I understand that Team Trent is large and powerful, but seeing Rachel start to consider him in "that way" makes me panic a bit. I don't see it ending well or being a good roller coaster for either party...

What I can tell you, though, is that the book in this series that will undoubtedly be my favorite and have the biggest sigh of satisfaction from me is not the book where Rachel finds a man to love and the big ol' HEA, but it will be the book where Rachel actually learns how to be a best friend. We know from a banshee what Rachel fears most, and Ivy is the person who can definitively show Rachel that her deepest fear is smoke and mirrors. Instead, the two of them always seem to be trying to prove that they don't need each other, when the fact is that they are a kick butt team. They're both deeply flawed, but when they stand together they can take on anything. I LOVE THIS! And no matter how many men Rachel falls for, Ivy is "her person" (Grey's Anatomy reference). Rachel can marry and love someone else, but that other relationship will be directly impacted by how she deals with Ivy. Rachel needs to get over her excuses for pushing Ivy away until it's a life-or-death situation, and just get right with "her person." As long as Rachel locks Ivy out, Rachel locks the world out and no relationship--with Trent, or otherwise--is ever going to a serious, non-self-sabotaging place.

And I will stop my preaching there.

Can you tell I love this series? Love. It.

So when *that* book comes out, that will be my favorite book in the series with a gazillion stars: The book where Rachel decides, "**** it!", becomes a true, fearless friend, and goes out and fulfills her destiny standing back-to-back with her team--not with them scattered and in different spots trying to prove they can stand on their own. Just imagine: Rachel, Jenks, Ivy, Trent, David, and maybe even Ceri, Quen, or the new bodyguard back-to-back in a circle, facing off against the baddies... working together without second-guessing each other.

I get chills just thinking about it. Sooo hope it happens!! *sigh*
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Lizzz J literally the first thing i looked for LOL

Chris Cartwright I am with you..I dont see her with Trent. I think of Trent as more of a sibling rival..her "big brother" who she cant seem to get along with..I dont see her with Trent. Trent should be more a very good friend/brotherly type. OK..I think she loves KNOW she loves IVY, but also she seems to need the male influence in her life. I think she should hook up with Al seemed to start to "change"...developing new feelings he had never had before when he spent time with Rachel in the Ever After..I think with those would be awesome!!

message 3: by Dee (new) - added it

Dee Up until the last scene with Trent, I would've disagreed with you. That last scene made it clear that the kids' presence makes him stop being the powerful rival that pushes Rachel to her best. She then doesn't react to him with the inner conflict or need to struggle with emotional defenses that clash with who she wants to be.

I mostly liked R/T for that psychological tension, which was overflowing in the last couple of books. Take that out, and we just have another guy Rachel finds attractive. I wouldn't be wildly crazy about R with Al, but at least he makes me laugh aloud once in a while.

I have a sinking feeling that this is going to follow the same sort of route that Richelle Mead's Dark Swan series did. I won't say more in case you haven't read it yet, though.

Courtney Sheralyn, I agree with you that Rachel needs to once and for all let Ivy in. Forget all the inhibitions and be the vampire's friend, ONCE AND FOR ALL! Chris, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks she should end up with Al! How great would that be?!?!?!?!

Sfbooknerd I don't think Rachel should end up with anybody. She's a huge mess and none of the current characters or possible pairings are really right for her. Trent and Al come close because they match her in ability and power but they are both too evil, IMO.

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