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The Dark Divine by Bree Despain
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Sep 04, 2011

liked it
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Read in February, 2012

Now, this will probabl make me sound like quite a horrible person, but when I first started reading and realised it was set in a deeply religous nuclear family, I was horrendously put off. Not because I have anything against religion, despite being athiest myself, but because I felt like I was going to be preached to about how embracing Jesus will lead to a happy and wholesome house. Bleargh. When Grace's mothers stress related OCDness cropped up, I was (cruelly) pleasantly surprised. I was so not up for being preached. Instead this book offers a quite surprising and different point of view than the usual protagonist, and I managed to somehow liken the family to Ao No Excorcist- for all the anime fans.

That being said, I did get very um, exasperated at Grace trying to "mend things" and "fix things" between her brother and Daniel, or maybe just the fact that them words were repeated and rephrased waaaaay too many times. And just when I thought me and Gracie were getting on good terms- OH MY GOD she had to be the most stubborn and freakin' annoying perosn I've ever met. Why the heck is she suddenly so angry at Daniel?!

I would've liked the book a helluva lot more if I didn't feel like the author killed off a bunch of characters at the end that she felt would've interefered with it all wrapping up nicely. The ending was eyebrow raising for me.

I did like the book though and it wasn't totally predictable..

Random book revelation: I totally know the colour mentioned as "Dusty rose"/"Puke Pink"- my gran totes has carpet in that colour too.


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