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Saltwater Vampires by Kirsty Eagar
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Sep 04, 2011

really liked it
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If you like ur vampires to sparkle in the sun, break into ur house and watch you sleep, then sex you up until ur all pregnant with a half breed that has to be eaten out of ur tummy, then Saltwater Vampires is SO not the book for you. However, if you like ur vampires to be crazy scary and insanely crazy gonna eat u right up and kill you, then YAYYY!!! What up!

So here’s the deal – there is this blood pact made on this kick ass ship called the Batvia like 400 years ago. Then there is Jamie and his surfer dude mates in Rocky Head. Also there is something going on with some weird guys in Amsterdam, including a vampire apprentice. THIS IS THE PLOT! It’s all intricate and daring and all tied together to make something amazing. And you are going to EAT it right up. LIKE A BOSS. And yeah mate, I get it, you don’t really get what I’m talking about. BUT! Under this super smart and seriously ambitious plot line, it’s really just a book about friends, and how actions have consequences and ACTION UP IN HURRR!

You know, Kirsty Eager really brings it with the writing you guys. She really does. And yes, this may be MILES AND MILES away from Raw Blue, but like, so what? (I’m sorry raw Blue ILY!!) It’s her writing and her seriously snazzy characterization skills that make me come back for me. Because she really gets how to suck you into a story by working her magic and making you become invested in these people that live in her head and are basically just words on a page. BUT SHE DOES IT EVERY TIME.

And the suspense? Someone get me a chaise longue. AND ALSO GET ME SOME SMELLING SALTS. I swear, I was like omg what is happening, where is this going, why did they do that, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. It was exhilaratingly exciting. All the intrigue and the mystery and this plot that is so thick and scrummy I wanted to spoon it up and DEVOUR IT ALL WITH NO LEFTOVERS. And you know the best thing? SELFISH PEOPLE! YOU GUYS!! I really relate to selfish people, because I too can be selfish. Like if I was going down, I would most certainly try to take someone with me. I’d like to pretend that I am selfless and blah blah blah, it’s all about the personal gain. And some of these creepy creepster are like out for themselves and it makes it all nerve wracking-y fab.

Male POV GONNA GET’CHA!!! Honestly, when I read books that perfectly nail the male pov, I srsly have this big smug on my face, like see, I TOLDJA SO. This is why male pov is my favourite. It’s always incredibly charming and authentic and packs a great big sold punch of emotional connection. Seriously, I may be a chick but there is nothing that makes me more happy than a male pov done right.

You know, I truly believe Kirsty can do no wrong. This was heart racing terror. This was dramarama. This was creepy and weird and fascinating. This was funny and touching and scary as shit. It was all other things that I can’t even put a word to. I just loved it.
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