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Whispered Prayers of a Girl by Alex  Grayson
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Reading isn’t always meant to be a beautiful escape, a bed of roses where there are no thorns, no forks in the road. Reading should affect us, keep us captivated and be an awakening of sorts. Sometimes we need to be reminded that with life comes pain and the journey to survive and move forward through tragedy and grief is different for everyone.

Alex Grayson mesmerized me with this very poignant story. She touched my heart, made me weep, made me smile then had me shaking my head in disbelief. Just when you think an HEA is in sight, when you are on the edge of your seat with your heart fully exposed, she throws you a curveball and has you clenching your gut again. She kept me glued to the pages and has earned 5 very emotional, angst-filled stars from me. The lesson I learned and hope others do as well was that people don’t need judgment when they are trying to heal. They need a friend listen and just be there--this is a gift worth its weight in gold for the recipient of those caring gestures.

Whispered Prayers of a Girl blew me away. Literally! At times, I was so enthralled, carried away in the depths of my thoughts, I wasn’t even there anymore. My family caught me daydreaming and asked if I was ok. As the story unfolds and my heart was breaking, I took time away to just think and process the sadness I was feeling. To reflect on events from my own life and try to make sense of why things happen. Of course, we don’t know the ‘whys’ and we are often filled with ‘what ifs’ as we try to go through our own life journey after tragedy hits.
"Alexander, you can't control everything," she says gently, trying to console me, but it does the opposite. Her soft tone grates on my nerves because I love the sound of her voice so much, and whether she means to or not, she;s using it against me right now. "You can't protect people from every little thing. You can't prevent them from living or doing things that are natural for fear of something happening. If it's meant to happen, then it'll happen whether you try to prevent it or not."

This is a hard review to write and keep the spoilers out but I hope I grab your attention enough for you to start your own journey with Alexander and Gwendolyn. Both have faced enormous tragedy and more than their fair share of senseless loss but their paths cross through fate and their hearts heal through the compassion, understanding, and strength they receive from one another.

As an avid fan of Alex Grayson, I don’t have to read blurbs on books to know I’m going to read it. I just mark my calendar and when it hits my kindle, I’m set. This story shocked me—it was so different than anything she has ever written before and it was so much better—definitely her best work yet, in my eyes anyways! She has stuck with the theme of showcasing some form of misunderstood and rare human affliction but this one will touch your heart in a whole new way.

For sure, there should be warnings to stock up on tissues and have your heart checked before diving in because you can be sure that tears will be shed and hearts will palpitate, more than once. This very raw and emotional look into the lives of two families afflicted with their own guilt and grief is sure to be one of your favourite reads this year; if it doesn’t break you. Read to the end, just breathe, you can do it. Sob when you need to, put your book down and reflect, but continue on, see how beautiful life can be when we weather the storms and come out on the other side instead of staying stagnant in a place where nothing can grow and nothing will heal. Kids and puppies go a long way to helping adults be strong and move forward. They keep us grounded, give us purpose amongst the turmoil of tragedy. I’ve survived a very similar tragedy and I know without a sliver of a doubt, I was strong because my kids needed me. Such a beautiful story Alex. Congratulations and thank you for this reminder that everyone can rise above the ashes and live again. Happy Reading!
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