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Sector 7 by David Wiesner
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Sep 02, 2011

really liked it
Read from September 02 to 08, 2011

1) Genre: Wordless Picture Book

2) During a class field trip to the Empire State Building, a young boy makes friends with a cloud who takes him on a spectacular journey to Sector 7, a site where clouds are created. When he reaches his destination, the boy uses his drawing skills to help the clouds form into different shapes. By the time the boy returns to his classmates, the sky looks more interesting and everyone, animals included, seem to be a bit happier. As a result, the boy realizes how powerful ones’ imagination really is.

3) Critique:

a) The vivid watercolor illustrations truly reveal why it is a 2000 Caldecott Honor Book.

b) Considering this is a wordless book, the illustrations are captivating and allow the reader to use them to make inferences about the story’s plot. I literally found myself lost within the pictures because they are filled with so much detail from the actual clouds to the people working at Sector 7. Although there were no words, the pictures alone painted a story that could fill the book’s pages and even more!

c) Although all of the pictures were exquisite works of art, there were two pictures I found that stood out the most. One of these pictures includes a bunch of cats looking out the window in awe. What used to be ordinary clouds just floating past them are now clouds in the shapes of fish. The fishes are so detailed that the cats foolishly believe they are actually real. The other picture focuses on the boy and his classmates looking out the bus window in awe at the clouds as well. The clouds they see include fishes and other sea creatures such as an octopus and whale. This scene is amazing because it appears as if time has stood still because the children and the cars around the bus are stationary, completely overwhelmed by the clouds’ beauty. (pgs. 44 & 45)

4) Curriculum Connection: This would be a great book to incorporate in a variety of lessons regarding art, science, and writing. An art or even regular teacher could use this book to show students the various watercolors and how they can be blended together. This allows students to see that art is a form of expression and can be displayed in unique ways. In addition, this book could be introduced either at the beginning or end of a lesson about the different types of clouds (i.e. cumulus, cirrus, and stratus clouds). In either scenario, the teacher could relate to students that clouds can look like different things (i.e. animals, objects) based on whatever type of cloud it is. Finally, for older students (i.e. 3rd-5th), the teacher could have the students look at the pictures and develop a paragraph or two correlating with the illustrations. This allows students to see how words can give life to the meaning of pictures and vice versa.

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