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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
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Sep 01, 2011

it was amazing
Read from September 01 to October 02, 2011

** spoiler alert ** In the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne the story took place in a small colony in Massachusetts Bay in the 1700's The story starts out at the main character, Hester Prynne coming out of the prison already convicted of adultery. Her daughter, pearl is already 3 months old. As she came out of the prison she already had the scarlet letter embroidered on her chest for every colonist to gawk at. Then they take her to the pillory of course in front of colonist. She has to stand there while everyone just looked. When she scanned over the crowd she saw her husband who had come over from England. He shows her a signal to keep his identity a secret. The Reverend tried to get the name of who the illegitimate infants father was Hester refused. After that Hester returns to her cell in the prison to finish her time there. Then her husband comes in to talk to her, he disguised himself as a doctor. He forgave her for her wrongdoing but told her she mustn’t tell anyone who he was. He made a faux name for himself, Rodger Chillingworth. He makes his identity a real doctor since he is educated well in that area. Hester heard rumors about that the governor was going to take away her beloved Pearl. She took Pearl to the governor, she appealed the idea. Then Reverend Dimmesdale becomes sick so they set Rodger as his doctor. After a while they make them move In together. Soon the colonist think that DImmesdale is a bad influence on the doctor. Chillingworth begins to suspect the reverend is the father of pearl and guilt is what is killing him. When the reverend was asleep the doctor observed him and found a mark on his chest and found what he thought was correct. The colonist decided that Hester had done enough good deeds and forgave her. One night Pearl and Hester come across Dimmesdale at the pillory trying the punish himself. Pearl ask the reverend to reveal the secret the next day and he refused, then a meteor shot across the sky revealing an A. Then pearl tells him to meet her at the forest. There they decide to move to Europe with them two and Pearl to be a real family. Feeling safe, Hester removes the scarlet letter. Chillingworth finds out about their plan and booked to ride along with them. The day before their new life begins Dimmesdale see’s Pearl and Hester at the pillory and gets up there with them. He confesses to the public and shows the coonists the letter A carved into his chest then,he falls dead. Hester and Pearl retreated from their home colony. Chillingworth died a year later because the guilt from his torture. Years later after Pearl got married, Hester returns to her home town and she wore her A on her chest. When she died she was buried next to Dimmesdale both having A’s on their tombstone. I absolutely loved this book I recommended to everyone it is an amazing story!!
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