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The Spook's Blood by Joseph Delaney
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Wow. What a roller coaster it's been, the whole journey.
And now.
It's near the end. *Sniff*





Why???? *Breaks into full-blown sobs, shoulders heaving. Blows nose loudly into a handful of tissues, composes herself*

But I'm going to be mature about this. I was 11 when I started this series, and I feel like I've grown up with it, along with Tom, Alice and Old Gregory. All my old copies of the series are dog-eared, with spills from juice and coke from when I was younger, each and every mark a different memory for me.

It- It's just like family. *Sniffle, cough*

(Remember, you were gonna be mature about this. Think maturity, sensibility. Be strong. Like a rock. Yup, I'm a rock. Rock, rock, rock...)


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message 1: by richard (new)

richard garnett this is NOT the last book.
clearly there has been a mix up as this is the 10th book, so people are thing this is the spooks ten
as a matter of fact this book is the spooks nine, as the 9th book was i am grimalkin. we still have this book, then "i am alice", THEN "the spooks ten" which is the final book. we have until book 12 before it ends

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