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Strange Bedfellows by Q. Kelly
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Sep 01, 2011

it was amazing

This is an awesome book. Before reading the book, the synopsis piqued my curiosity. I expected romance (fluff) with a twist on the whole ex-gay part (possibly comedy). I mean, who wouldn’t want to see someone like that outed? As for the “secret” on the prostitute, I guessed that she’s from another well known, wealthy family, possibly also anti-gay. Well, I got the romance part right.

What I found, was a book that pulled me in from the first page. It was complex and intriguing. The characters have so much going on beyond the synopsis that at the half way point, I started wondering how the author could possibly wrap it by the end. But, she did. And did it well.

At first glance, you wouldn’t think you’d like the main characters. “Queen of the ex-gay movement?” “Prostitute?” Where are the redeeming qualities? But, as their stories come out, I really empathized with them. By the end, I was cheering for them.

At the end of every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, there’s a producer’s logo that is a heart, with a roller-coaster going around it. That’s exactly how I felt after reading this novel. My heart just went on a roller-coaster ride. I’ll take another ticket, please.
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Cheri Let me know what you think! I'm reading Room right now but plan to read this one next.

8bits Let me know about Room too. It looks really good, but has possible triggers for me, so I may want to avoid.

Cheri I wouldn't recommend it if you're sensitive to sexual abuse. That's about all I can say so far. Not very far into it just yet.

8bits So far, Strange Bedfellows is intriguing. I expected some humor, making fun of the anti-gay people, but so far, it has been portrayed in a straight-forward serious manner. I was pulled in by the first page

Cheri Nice to know!

Cheri Wow! Glad I picked up a copy! I'll read it after I finish Room!

8bits I hope you like it as much as I did.

message 8: by Ginny (new) - added it

Ginny Gerth I finished SB last night. As mentioned it pulled me in from the start. I didn't read the blurb so I went into it cold, something I seldom do. There was only one small sentence that didn't make sense, but it really had no impact on the story in general, so after rereading it, I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. We have awoman here in WI who is a high muckity muck in an anti gay group. Her personal life has been called into question so I was able to draw parallels between the story and real life. I thoroughly enjoyed the book! They seemed to hung up on names, but I can understand why. By giving up your name you give up the last of your identity. All in all a great read.

8bits You might want to copy and paste your comments to the buddy reads (cocktail hour) for this book.

message 10: by Ginny (new) - added it

Ginny Gerth K I'll get that done this afternoon. Thanks

message 11: by Q. (new) - added it

Q. Kelly Thanks, Ginny! I'm glad you picked up on the names issue. The names thing is really interesting (and there's a little theme in there as well). Half the characters (or more) didn't go by their real names in at least one point.

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