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Prisoner of Sex by Norman Mailer
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Aug 31, 2011

really liked it

well, after that Gospel According to the Son debacle, i decided to channel my norman mailer thing into his non-fiction for a while... and i'm very glad i did, because this book was a lot of fun. when mailer makes sense, he makes a lot of sense, and when he doesn't, he's at least thrilling to read... never a dull moment along the way, though lots of semi-admirational head-scratching... the general vibe mailer gives off is of a man who above all believes in progress... in working towards personal, interpersonal, and societal improvement ALL THE TIME; who believes we'd all be better if we worked together... and by worked, i mostly mean fought... life is a battle, but not a zero-sum game in norman mailer's view; he really seems to think there's no limit to what can be achieved if we all interact fully and honestly ALL THE TIME... it's almost like he believes that if we all stood on each others' shoulders, we could somehow all individually reach the stars... it must've been tiring being norman mailer... believing so forcefully in so many things, while being surrounded by the constant disappointments of reality... he really does strike me as a heroic figure... though we all know what happens to heroes...

the section on the evils of masturbation was especially interesting.
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