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I Thought You Were Dead by Pete Nelson
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Aug 31, 2011

it was ok

My disappointment in this book honestly mostly came from the reviews i read which lead me to buy the book. The book was described as "clever, heartwarming, and engaging", "read it and you will fall in love", "a delight", and "hilarious and heartbreaking". Personally, I found it to be none of these things except heartbreaking. I didn't find one line that made me even crack a smile. From the very beginning the mood is very dark and depressing and just when you think the book can't make you any more depressed you come across the most heartbreaking moment that will without a doubt make you cry and i don't mean just a few tears running down your face, i mean have a whole box of tissues near by because you will need every single one.

My second disappointment in this book came from what i felt stuck out as the strongest overall message. I expected the message to come from the dog in the form of some grand life lesson but instead i felt the stronger message was: "If you drink then you will be consumed with how bad your life is but if you stop drinking then your life will still be terrible, you will just have a better outlook about it." I'd like to think that the main character's life wasn't as bad as portrayed in the beginning because it was skewed by his drinking but no, his life really was bad.

On the positive side, i think this book is well written. The author does a good job at communicating what the main character is going through so the reader feels like they are going through it with them. Like they are a friend listening but helpless to do anything. Also, I think the part that will bring on the tears is so hard to read because it is so well written and thought out. I don't think i have ever had a book or movie affect me that much.

If you do end up reading this book, make sure you read the extra part in the back called "The Real Stella". Maybe that is where they got the "heartwarming" part from...?

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