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It's been a few days since I read and finished this book, but I am going to try to write at least a few words about each story (and the book as a whole) without rereading it. (Though I have to say, I will probably buy this book once it is released in paperback format, as I would like to reread it someday.) :-)

First, some words on the book as a whole. . . When I heard that these stories were collaborations between authors and booktubers, I thought that the stories would actually be collaborative stories. Instead, I found that the stories were solely by the authors, each followed by an essay from their respective "collaborative booktubers," which shared the prompt the booktubers gave to their authors (from which the stories were born!) and then some words about the story. The "words about the story" either expanded on the theme of the story, analyzed the story, or discussed the story.

So when I came to the first section by a booktuber, I was sort of taken aback. But it worked for this collection; it was fun to see the prompts they each gave to their authors; and it was neat hearing from all of them. :-)

(Also, the reason why I am so late with this review? I have spent the past few days getting lost on YouTube because I've been watching the "backlist" videos from ALL 13 booktubers, only two of whom were previously familiar to me. This has been fun, but it hasn't been helping me to stay on top of updating and reviewing the books I am reading. :-/ )

I think I will write the story reviews by including the prompts each author was given by their booktuber. . .

"The Blood of Imuriv" by Renée Ahdieh
Prompt from Christine Riccio (PolandBananasBooks):
The Grandson of an Evil, Matriarchal Dictator Who Tried to Rule over the Universe Wants to Follow in Her Footsteps and Accidentally Loses His Temper, Killing His Sibling in a Game of Chess

I am at a loss as to what to say about this story, as the prompt sort of give it all away. But I enjoyed how Renée Ahdieh was able to expand the prompt and fill in the details for how the grandson came to kill his sister. (Though I am glad I didn't see this prompt until after I finished the story. Had I seen the prompt first, it would have taken a lot of the "oomph" out of the story. As it was though, the story was very good, very chilling.)

"Jack" by Ameriie
Prompt from Tina Burke (The Lushables):
"Jack and the Beanstalk" Meets Phalaris of Agrigento

I really liked how this story ended. What a twist! "Thanks, Jack. This chair's for you." *hehehe* This might also be one of the few times where I can honestly say that I LOVED the villain! We weren't ever told her name, but the teenage giant princess was really great. :-)
After I finished this story and read the prompt, I didn't have a clue who "Phalaris of Agrigento" was, but thankfully Tina Burke told us in her essay. :-)

"Gwen and Art and Lance" by Soman Chainani
Prompt from Samantha Lane (Thoughts on Tomes):
A Modern-Day Mash-Up of the King Arthur Legend and Persephone-Hades Myth

I am not really too clear on how this story mashed together the King Arthur legend and the myth of Persephone and Hades, unless it had to do something with how Gwen was torn between "Art and Lance," as Persephone was ultimately torn between Hades and Demeter? But I enjoyed this story. It was told entirely as a series of text messages between high schoolers Gwen, Art, Lance, and a few others. :-)
Also, can I say here that of all of the 11 new-to-me booktubers that I met in this book, Sam Lane and Jesse George are my favorites? :-)

"Shirley and Jim" by Susan Dennard
Prompt from Sasha Alsberg (abookutopia):
A Young Moriarty

This story was a long letter from Shirley Holmes to Jean Watson, and it involved Jim Moriarty. All were in high school (or the equivalent). It was fun reading this story about a female Holmes, with a female "doctor," and seeing how Jim Moriarty could have gotten his start as a criminal mastermind. :-)

"The Blessing of Little Wants" by Sarah Enni
Prompt from Sophia Lee (The Book Basement):
A Dark Sorcerer's Motives for Seeking Immortality or Omnipotence

This story was very dark, and also very curious, because I don't think that Thomas (view spoiler). So (view spoiler) Sure, it was Thomas, but but but??? :-)

"The Sea Witch" by Marissa Meyer
Prompt from Zoë Herdt (Read by Zoë):
What If the Sea Witch Had Previously Been in the Little Mermaid's Shoes but Decided toKill the Love Interest and Turn Back into a Mermaid Instead?

This story was really interesting, because in the beginning, Nerit - the Sea Witch - was morally questionable,or even morally bankrupt, but she was NOT the villain. Her villainy came later. But what fun it was to read about! :-)

"Beautiful Venom" by Cindy Pon
Prompt from Benjamin Alderson (Benjamin oftomes):
Medusa. Go!

This story gave us a rather horrifying backstory for how Medusa could have become "Medusa," or "Mei Du" as she was known in this story. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. Was Mei Du killed? Or . . . ???
What was so horrifying about this story was how Mei Feng, a victim of rape, was treated. :-( Also, as Benjamin said in his essay, "if only [this story] were a hundred thousand words longer!"

"Death Knell" by Victoria Schwab
Prompt from Jesse George (Jesse the Reader):
Hades Wakes Up after Being Unconscious at the Bottom of a Well in Ireland

This story was really excellent. I loved the twist at the end, when (view spoiler) :-)
Also, it took me aback to realize that Death was supposed to be Hades. I thought Death was just Death. How was he also Hades? ???

"Marigold" by Samantha Shannon
Prompt from Regan Perusse (Peruse Project):
Erl-Queen Retelling in Nineteenth Century London

This story was rather bleak and dark, as the heroes turned out to be the villains, while the villain was "the hero." I must say, I was not surprised that George turned out to be a villain, but I was very disappointed that it took his own death for Isaac to realize that he, too, was in the wrong. If he ever even realized that he was in the wrong. :-(

"You, You, It's All About You" byAdam Silvera
Prompt from Catriona Feeney (Little Book Owl):
A Female Crime Lord Concealed by a Mask

This story was very twisty thanks to the drugs created and/or dealt by Slate, formerly Amanda, our teenage crime lord. Her mask was very creepy: (view spoiler) *eek!*
But it was a fun story. :-)

"Julian Breaks Every Rule" by Andrew Smith
Prompt from Raeleen Lemay (Padfoot and Prongs07):
A Psychopath in a Futuristic Setting

This story was really fun and good, but then I read the prompt and I was all, "Wait, what?" Because while Julian may have been a burgeoning psychopath, where was the "futuristic setting"? ??? This story featured high school students, both at home and around, and at school. I did not notice any futuristic anything in here. So that was disappointing, but I didn't know to miss it while I was reading it, since I didn't read the prompt until after I read the story (if that makes sense).
Also, Julian seemed to be like a djinn, only it was his own wishes that came true. (But if that was the case, why didn't Trooper Axelrod break up the party like Julian wanted him to do?) So it was a very curious story. I really enjoyed it. I liked how Julian would tell us when he was offering a bit of "major foreshadowing." :-)

"Indigo and Shade" by April Genevieve Tucholke
Prompt from Whitney Atkinson (Whitty Novels):
Beauty and the Beast: Suitor's Revenge

I liked this story, too, but its ending confused me. Did Brahm Valois (view spoiler)? Or was he just (view spoiler)? I was also taken aback when Brahm (view spoiler) :-( So this was a really good story, it just kind of lost me in the end.
Also, after reading the prompt, I don't understand how this story dealt with "suitor's revenge," but . . . Okay. It was still an enjoyable story.

"Sera" by Nicola Yoon
Prompt from Steph Sinclair and Kat Kennedy (Cuddlebuggery Book Blog):
Gender-Flipped God of War

This story was heartbreaking. Kareena gives birth to her second daughter, who is "different." Why is she different? Because apparently, Kareena gave birth to War. I'm not clear on how this was possible, but the story was really good! :-)

I mentioned up above that only two of these booktubers were familiar to me before I read this book. Which two, you ask? Read by Zoë and Little Book Owl. And as I mentioned somewhere in the story reviews, my two newest favorites are Thoughts on Tomes and Jesse the Reader. :-)

I am slightly disappointed that it seems like some of the booktubers included in here no longer put up booktube videos. If you check the links I included for each booktuber, those that show as "channel" sites don't really post any longer. It seems to be only the "user channels" that are still active. :-/

But still, I subscribed to all of them, so if they ALL do add new videos, I should be notified. :-)

In sum this was a really fun collection of stories. You may have noticed that I did not give a star rating to any of the stories. This is partly because I read them all "fast," without really pausing, and partly because I enjoyed all of them more or less equally, so four stars for the whole book because each story was a four-star "very good; I really liked it" story. :-)

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