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Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
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Aug 30, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: best-male-character, better-than-expected, originality
Recommended for: The Body Finder fans
Read from September 14 to 16, 2011

You know, I'm starting to hate love triangles. Wait, maybe hate isn't the right word. More like, I can't take anymore love triangles. I think the authors are determined to drive me mad. When the main character in the book is stuck between two other characters, it makes me feel stuck, too. And I'm ticked off about it.
I can't decide which I feel more: Sorrow for Christian or Happiness for (view spoiler)

In other news:

The main reason I picked up this book was because of what great reviews it got on Goodreads. Thankfully, the story lived up to my high expectations. I only threw it at a wall once, and that's a record for me. Usually I'm facepalming my way through life, wishing I had a camera to take pictures of everything and put on Failblog. But this was actually kind of worth it.

Clara was a pretty cool character. She wasn't all Save me, Christian!, but she also wasn't totally independent. At least she cursed. I love it when Angels curse in books. It just has a funny hint of irony to it. Hehe.

Christian was like, emotion-central. One minute he's hugging Clara, next minute he's "I'm here for you, Kay!" And he just switches emotions o often... ughhhhh. He's a nice person and all, but I was wondering about the mood swings. He obviously has many problems when it comes to making decisions.

Tucker was my favorite out of the threesome (if you can really call it a threesome, considering (view spoiler). He was chivalrous and sporty at the same time. Usually authors have the sporty mean jocks and the polite [immortal] gentlemen in two totally separate groups. For that I'm grateful.

My personal favorite part of this book is the back cover. You'll never guess why though. Go ahead. Guess.

WRONG!!!! (probably)

I like it because the shiny metallic feather carved into the back of the book cover glints in the sunlight, so if you point it at someone's face, they're blinded for a few seconds! Isn't that just awesome? My friends will rejoice when I put this book back so I can stop torturing them. Hehe.

On the subject of book covers, why are girls in dresses so popular? I mean really, you name it: Fallen, Unearthly, Shade, Falling Under, Die for Me---basically every YA paranormal romance book known to mankind. Doesn't make sense to me. Explain it if you can.


This book gets a 3.5 from me. It was certainly entertaining, but not to the point where I go "HOLY CHIZ! THAT WAS FANTASTICAL!!"
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