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Room by Emma Donoghue
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Aug 30, 2011

really liked it

"Room" was about Ma and Jack living in an 11x11 room because when Ma was in college she was captured by a man that Jack calls "Old Nick". Jack only knows what's inside of Room he doesn't know anything about the outside world, he thinks that whatever is in this 11x11 room is what the world is, he believes that Dora the Explorer is his friend and all of the other objects like Wardrobe and Bed are his friends too. Jack and Ma have been stuck inside Room for seven years before Ma thought of a plan to escape from Room.

I rated this book four stars because there were parts of the book that I really enjoyed and parts that were hard to read because of how heart breaking some of the scenes were. When I first started reading this book I could not put down the book! I always wants to know what was going to happen next in their long adventure. This book is a really great page turner for people who find it hard to read a book. I know that I have trouble getting into a book but if you need a book that you want to get into this is the book to read. There is something surprising on almost every page.

Another reason I rated this book a four is because it was interesting to hear the book in a five year old's perspective especially since he didn't know anything about the world outside of Room. It was all about reading about what he would think of next so I was really drawn in and interested with what little Jack was going to do or say in the upcoming pages.

This book didn't get five stars because I thought around the middle to three-fourths of the book, the book kind of dragged for me. It was too stretched out and although the details were very good it could have been condensed into less pages. I also did not like the ending of the book, I think it could have a more creative ending like the rest of the book.

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Heidi vanessa i completely agree i feel like our book club was so talkative the first 2 times but then we had nothing to talk about really. Everything was getting repetitive, i know i let you guys know how bothered by this entire book so what you said about it being hard to read at times i definitely second.

Jonathan "Room" was a great book to read. It was confusing i agree, but the group made it fun to talk about the book. What if you where in a 11x11 room? Questions like this had me thinking for days. I liked the group and book. Both together made an incredible impact on me as a reader. I like how you explain why you gave "Room" four stars instead of five stars. Im looking forward to having another great book club with a different book just i like i had with "Room".

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