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Crab Town by Carlton Mellick III
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Aug 30, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: bizarro


This is a heartfelt commentary on Obama’s big government, over-regulation, the jobless economy and the slow downfall of our country in general. Mellick’s characters are filled with passion and honesty, trying their best to survive in a hopeless and oppressive land. The descriptions are vivid and the action is written with a clear and concise method. Mellick is so good, he makes it look easy. He writes with a brave confidence that stands out from most other authors and is simply a joy to read.

One small problem I had was that if everyone hates the balloon people so much and there is no penalty for popping them (killing them), then everyone outside of Crab Town would do it. I mean, if a child in a bank can kill them so easily with his mother, bank customers, and security guards standing around watching and doing nothing about it, then lots of other people would do it, too. There is so much distain for balloon people, they would be hunted down by others as casually as playing a video game. They would be extinct in a matter of days. It seems with this one detail, Mellick indulged a bit too much without thinking it through.

This book is filled with unfulfilled hopes and dreams in a world of overwhelming government oppression. Mellick balances his anger at big brother with gentle insight into the lives of a few remaining patriots who risk everything to better their world. They don’t want a handout like entitlements, only a fair chance to earn an honest living. “Crab Town” is another great story from the bizarro genre’s best and most influential writer.

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