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The Runelords by David Farland
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Apr 16, 2008

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The way Farland's magic works is that the people of the land have certain bodily attributes (such as brawn/strength, grace/beauty, wit, metabolism/speed, glamor, voice, stamina, sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, etc.) that can be (for lack of a better term) 'leached' from each other by those who have the skill, money and power to do so through magic.

Through a special mage/facilitator Runelords can acquire these attributes from the common people. A commoner who wishes to support his family (or support his lord) might have agree to have his strength or her beauty transferred from themselves to Lord. The process is called, "giving an endowment". Many of the upper class acquire these endowments/attributes to the point where they become quite powerful, (capable of incredible feats of strength or amazing beauty) to the point where they are then known as Runelords.

Though the book didn't sweep me off my feet it did manage to hold my attention and I found myself quite often anxious to get back into it. However, I I feel that this original magic concept of "giving endowments" was too heavily emphasized in place of a compelling story. It appeared to be more of a gimmick instead of complimenting the story.

I only read a few of the series since it was suggested to me to only read the first 4 books, and to avoid the 5th and 6th.

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