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Prezident Scumbag! by Rupert Dreyfus
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it was amazing
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This isn’t just my favourite of Rupert Dreyfus’ books to date, nor is it one of my favourite indie books, it’s simply one of my favourite books, period. If I was going to include the best quotes from Prezident Scumbag! in this review, I’d be posting 90% of the novella’s content, so I’ll let you discover that for yourselves.

First off, this short tale about British crusty punk band Sick Bastard travelling to the U.S. to perform a protest song about America’s new cunt of a president is funny as fuck. Every other page, I found myself literally laughing out loud like a stoned crazed hyena.

Secondly, Dreyfus manages to write so succinctly and poignantly about the fucked up state of the modern world and what we need to do to improve it, through simple things like being kind and employing anarchism (actual anarchism, not the media lie where anarchy is synonymous with violence and destruction), that this book is way deeper than it’s cartoonish facade may first seem.

It’s easy to lambaste the modern political world, and it’s easy to make jokes about the likes of Trump, but Dreyfus’ criticism of such things is on anther level – because 1) He knows what he’s talking about, and it’s easy to see that the author is well versed in anarchist literature and the like, and 2) He really, deeply fucking cares about the state of the world and wants to make a change. This isn’t just political satire for the sake of it – this is a work of fiction that has arisen from the author’s own heartfelt despair about the austerity-driven, big-business, odds-stacked-against-us, global political landscape. It needs sorting out, and it could well be the likes of Sick Bastard that actually make the change happen in the real world.

Having read all of Dreyfus’ previous works, I’m also happy to say that his writing just keeps getting better and better. I adored his debut novel ‘Spark’ and the short stories follow-up ‘The Rebel’s Sketchbook’, as well as his other two subsequent freebie shorts, but with each one, I can see the author honing his craft: The satire has been improved, where the balance of comedy and heavy issues are perfectly spliced together. The style of writing has improved, where northern English slang has been finely tuned – and is slightly reminiscent of Irvine Welsh’s thick-Scottish prose (and Dreyfus’ works are also reminiscent of Welsh in that characters from his previous books make guest appearances), and the comedy has also improved; Drefyus’ works have just gotten funnier and funnier.

Yeah, I’m ‘online mates’ with Rupert, so maybe you’ll think I’m biased in my opinion, but authors like him have only become part of my circle because I dig the writing so much. I feel like I want to literally shout from the rooftops about Rupert’s books, because they’re not just incredibly original, funny and brilliant – they’re also very much needed. So read Prezident Scumbag!, or I’ll lamp ya one geez.
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Quotes Harry Liked

“You can’t steal from thieves.”
Rupert Dreyfus, Prezident Scumbag! A Sick Bastard Novella

“The world's shit and everyone's a cunt.”
Rupert Dreyfus, Prezident Scumbag! A Sick Bastard Novella

“If you want to work your stinking job and pay into a pension plan for the rest of your days then fine; if you want to visit the supermarket once a week and feel great about yourself for finding the best offers on low fat microwave meals then fine; if you want to click around them computers all night, chatting to your Aunt Sally in Honolulu then fine; if you want to drink in moderation so you don’t end up shitting the bed then fine; if you want to continue the cycle of obedient drones then fine; if you want to resent how average your life has turned out in return for a salary that buys you nothing more than permanent misery then fine. All fine and dandy. Go right ahead. Just leave me the fuck out of it.”
Rupert Dreyfus, Prezident Scumbag! A Sick Bastard Novella

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18.9% "‘Don’t call it Brexit.’
‘Why not?’
‘It’s the shittest word ever invented. Sounds like a Danish breakfast cereal.’"
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27.44% "Racism really is for pea brains...imagine thinking that you’re better than some cunt because you’ve got more warts on your arse than what they have. You’ve done absolutely nothing to get more warts on your arse and no real argument that having more warts on your arse is summut to be proud of... But you’re going to ignore all that and try convince the rest of us that having more warts on your arse makes you special:"
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30.49% "The law shouldn’t be there to limit our freedoms; it should be there to protect our freedoms from those who would shoot us into pits...But people are so removed from the democratic process that they don’t think of the rule of law as something which protects them from abuses of power. They just see it as an abuse of power. The law should be our law; not theirs..No rule of law means no protection of basic human rights."
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39.63% "...been driving down this long, boring road for fucking donkeys. And when I say boring I mean more boring than a member of the god squad lecturing you on moderation. More boring than a documentary about bleach. More boring than a night in with Mary Whitehouse. It was all blue skies and hills covered in cactuses... an episode of Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner on repeat and you’re not allowed to smash the television up."
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41.46% "I stood up and looked around the oink bus. ‘Somebody pass me a cleaver.’ ‘We don’t have a cleaver,’ Fistfight said.
‘Then pass me a pair of scissors.’
‘We don’t have any scissors.’
‘Then what do we have?’
’Don’t be a cunt.’"
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Harry Whitewolf It is brilliant! Do check it out! Message the author, as he's currently giving away free digi copies. :)

Rupert Dreyfus J.F Lawrence: I can't seem to message you on your Goodreads page. Send me a message so I can get back to you :-D

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