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The Drunken Forest by Gerald Durrell
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Aug 29, 2011

really liked it
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Read from August 29 to 30, 2011

there are three sad books awaiting reviews before this one, but i don't even care, because this one needs to be reviewed right now!! sorry, marguerite duras! let's call this even!!

how great is gerald durrell?? did someone say "very great??" because that is the correct answer. he is very great.

i have been meaning to read him for ages now, especially since i learned that he frequently deflates pompous brother lawrence in his books; in a good-natured brotherly way. and i appreciate lawrence durrell like nobody's business, but if ever someone needed to be taken down a peg... and gerald is a man not afraid to get his hands dirty or bitten by a snake or pecked by a bird which is a perfect contrast to "larry" (sadly almost-unmentioned in this book) with his lavender and lemon palette and his casual intellectual dilettantes basking in the alexandrian air.

gerald is more my kind of man.

this book is great - is this still something that can be done? can i, karen t. brissette, just go off to some relatively remote region and hole up somewhere while the natives happily bring me live specimens of their local fauna?? because i can just see it now: me, sprawled out somewhere in australia, reading their exceptional YA fiction, and waiting for the knock on the door that would indicate that a wombat had been found for me, or a bushbaby. and i would just fan out some fistfuls of cash, gather the fuzzy thing in my arms, and close the door behind us, sealing us away for snuggles and cupcake-time. because i would love to do this, and i envy gerald durrell for his freedom, in 1956, to have animals brought right to him, even though he was in paraguay and not australia, so he mainly got some birds and snakes and stuff. me, i like mammals. he did get some good ones, though:

that one is a bird, true, but he's a pretty cute bird, so i would accept one of him.

this book was so much fun, i laughed aloud at several moments on my subway home, making me look like the crazy one, despite the man in the cowboy hat and duster yelling "it's too loud - all you motherfuckers have to get off at the next stop sheeeeit"

if i was allowed to have a pet hippo, i would have him trample that man.

who will bring me one?

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message 1: by Kirk (new)

Kirk I knew someone would write a book about my hometown in the Adirondacks before I did. Damn :(

karen chortle.

karen they are different from the animals greg used in his review. we diversify!

message 4: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Maybe you need one of these also

karen oh, my! such delicate legs!

message 6: by Miriam (new)

Miriam You should give your dad a copy of My Family and Other Animals and tell him, "See, all the other kids got to bring home whatever animals they wanted! You're SO MEAN!"

message 7: by Lucy (new)

Lucy I saw one of these at the Central Park Zoo and had to restrain myself from putting it in my purse to take home and love and name George.

karen Miriam wrote: "You should give your dad a copy of My Family and Other Animals and tell him, "See, all the other kids got to bring home whatever animals they wanted! You're SO MEAN!""

he is very mean. however, he is the softie when it comes to animals. he has tons of stray cats that he feeds, plus the raccoon, and the hummingbirds and the squirrels and the deer. actually, he doesn't mean to feed the deer- they just like his flowers.

message 9: by Miriam (new)

Miriam I saw the pics of all his cats! So many!

karen he would take home a moose if he could...

karen LGM!!

message 12: by Greg (new) - rated it 4 stars

Greg I was going to say something nice about this review and then I see more slanderous comments about my mom!

message 13: by Greg (new) - rated it 4 stars

Greg I meant to look up to see what the little owl looked it. It is adorable!!

karen hahahaa it's just because i miss you!!! i will work very hard today without you. take care of your face!

message 15: by Carrie (new)

Carrie I, too, would like snuggle and cupcake time with all the wild animals of the world. I never thought baby hippos were cute until that picture!

karen oh my god - they are the cutest!!! when those twin hippos were born a number of years ago - squeee!!!

message 17: by Kwesi 章英狮 (new)

Kwesi 章英狮 Aw, cute animals! Squeee!

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Wait!!!??? What about the Drunken Forest!!?? I wanted to hear about it and move in!! What is this bull about cute little animals.
Emily's Future Rent Check: Pay to....Drunken Forest!!
Well the rest of you bums discuss cute little mammals I'll be @
The Drunken Forest
Suite 5A
Somewhere out East, USA

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

I hear the word Drunk I'd better get some shit about the bottle, Karen. This is BS!!!

karen and then all the animals had a kegger.

the end.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

thank you kindly.

message 22: by Tracey (new)

Tracey I want one of those.

karen which one?? i want the anteater myself.

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

a drunken forest??? Yes, I would like one of those too.

message 25: by Tracey (new)

Tracey I'm making a bid on the owl. he is just so cute and small with those big eyes.

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh yeah, that's what I meant too. And the hippo.

message 27: by Tracey (new)

Tracey the hippo is pretty cute, but the owl has my heart LOL

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

creepy owl eyes peering down yer soul....

message 29: by Tracey (new)

Tracey sounds like some of the guys i know LOL

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Ha, ha! Sounds like my last date! "Hey creepy owl eyes...could you pass the butter???"


message 31: by Tracey (new)

Tracey yuck :(

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

just playing...he had creepy grasshopper eyes.....

message 33: by Tracey (new)

Tracey that’s even worse, I hate bugs. i guess not the best date? LOL

karen at least he didn't have creepy goat eyes. those are the worst.

message 35: by Tracey (new)

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

yes, karen. horny goat eyes are the worst.

karen goats will murder you in your sleep. fact.

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

goats give people herpes. fact.

message 39: by Greg (new) - rated it 4 stars

Greg you're not supposed to sleep with goats.

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

i didn't come up with that on my own. a local farmer told me.

message 41: by Greg (new) - rated it 4 stars

Greg if a farmer said it, then it's probably something to keep in mind.

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

mouth herpes. you're sick greg.

message 43: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 02, 2011 08:34AM) (new)

i've had it in mind since high school. the worst sleepover in history. "stay away from the goats!" he said. I still remember it like it was yesterday and i never, ever touch goats.

message 44: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Don't let goats give you tongue.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

exactly. except in the drunken forest. where, let's face it, things happen......to certain tongue parts.

what happens in the drunken forest......

message 46: by Tracey (new)

Tracey is the bus leaving soon for the drunken forest? sign me up!

karen my cousin has pet goats. and a young daughter. she should be warned

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

yes. karen, what about this bus trip to the drunken forest that tracey mentioned. are you on top of that?

message 49: by Tracey (new)

Tracey I'll bring the drinks!

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

i'll bring the goats. maybe karen can bring greg.

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