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Ghost Story by Tabitha Freeman
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Jun 18, 2017

did not like it
Read in June, 2017

WHAT was this book?! The reason I picked it up was because it was fantasy/horror, had high ratings, and excluding the utterly boring and irrelevant description of parties and exotic cars in the beginning, I was pretty excited when the monsters showed up. The monsters that acted like monsters! It reminded me of the anime "Shiki" and I was really imagining it to be as awesome as the show (this story has no relation to it though). It was 4-star at that point. So, how did it become 1-star?

For starters, this is like a badly written fan-fiction. Nora is the combination of a Useless Protagonist and an Anti-Sue. According to her, she's not beautiful, cannot do anything except study, smart, level-headed, calm and so on. On the contrary, all the male characters are really handsome and (surprise, surprise) they are all in love with her after meeting her for ten minutes. And Nora always wonders why they choose her when they could have all the other prettier female characters (which includes every female character except her) and they always reassure her of how beautiful she is.

As for her being (supposedly) smart, she is not. She is probably the dumbest character in the book (also the most useless) who does nothing except have long, boring internal monologues about her uselessness, everything that's happening around her, her "forced" romance with this guy she fell head over heels for after meeting him for a total of about 30 mins in two days, and then about her moping over the break-up that she told him she wanted. The romance was really shoved at the readers and the main problem with it was the time. Had it been introduced more smoothly, it would have been more natural and easier to believe.

Also, she experiences a lot of loud, uncontrollable heartbeats due to her "one true love" that I'm surprised she didn't die of arrhythmia, or because of all the times when her heart jumped in its cavity, or at the times her heart stopped beating because Prince Charming (who's so perfect in every single way except that he doesn't know how to fight with a sword) complimented her, or because of that one time she "literally stopped breathing" because she found out something to help bring Prince Charming back to her. (I'm not kidding; that was an actual line.) In short, I'm just surprised she managed to stay alive throughout the book. Perks of being useless, I guess.

One thing I really want is for her to throw up once and for all so that I won't have to read about her "swallowing her vomit" every other sentence. If she sees someone dying, she swallows her vomit. If she sees bones under skin, she swallows her vomit. She even had a "wave of nausea" wash over when she thought about the death of someone who died a hundred years ago (and it wasn't even brutal)!

Also, did I mention that she is really stupid? Someone tells her not to go out the house because there are monsters after her, so when she hears her dog who gave his life to save her, what does she do? Run out of the house...unprotected and alone. She, who doesn't have any sort of power (supernatural or otherwise) whatsoever, wants to go through a monster-infested town to meet someone, so what does she do? Keep it a secret from her supernatural friends and leave...unprotected and alone. It's early morning and a person is dying on her front door and the first thing she does is wash her face, brush her teeth, change her clothes, and then head out to the dying person. (I lost it at that.)

Moving on, there are some serious problems with the timeline as well. It's obvious that only a few days have passed according to the events but suddenly months have gone by. Even the month count is confusing. We start from Halloween and then some things happen and a month passes. Then some other things happen and 3 months pass but it's still Christmas. Very confusing.

Another thing is that the author did not know what the 19th Century was like and it's obvious she made no effort to find out. A grown woman with a child writes a diary in 1895 and she starts her note with "Dear Journal". Photographs from the 1890s are surprisingly detailed and somehow show color. Then there are photographs of people from the 1890s in which the people don't know their photograph is being taken. (Note to author: Cameras back then were not like the cameras today. Why do you think everyone looks so angry in the photos?! Research helps!!)

Finally, this book needed to be proofread. It needed an editor! There are so many words used in places they don't belong. There are so many words that don't fit the narrative and it seems like they were just picked from a thesaurus because they sounded better. Plus, there are so many spelling errors; "vile of blood" vs vial of blood.

Near the end I wanted to give up on this book because it was just annoying me with Nora's droning internal monologue, her uselessness, and everything else listed above. Yet, I continued because I wanted to know how the whole ordeal with the monsters ends. So, imagine my disappointment when I find out that this is part of a trilogy...which I did not know because Goodreads did not tell me. Needless to say, I'm not going to continue regardless of my curiosity to know the ending. Also, I'm really surprised that this book got such great ratings.

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