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Dreamless by Josephine Angelini
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Aug 29, 2011

liked it

Ok, first, the fact that NOT ONE of them can figure out that Lucas and Helen are not cousins are just baffling. Apparently all Scions are terrible in Mathematics. It is sad in the first book but it is just RIDICULOUS in the second book. Seriously, don't you have better conflict to put into this?

However, I do like reading and learning the new things- landscape in Hades, the five rivers and the new dream god- about Greek mythology.

What I truly FEEL about this book, though, is very special. Because for the first time, it's not the plot, nor the character or the information I get. It's the feeling - how they try to do the right thing (although in Helen's case I am doubtful because she tends to just blunder into things) but ends up aiding to the course of Ares. It is a side that not many authors touch - how joy is only temporary and how love is not always a good thing. Josephine succeeds in touching such a delicate subject adn thus succeeding in touching my soul too.

As for the not-so-great parts, obviously the age-thing is cliche already,but aside from that, I think Helen and Lucas can do better than the courses of action they decided to do (especially Helen). As for Jason, I get what he tries to do and I get why he is always so angry- I truly do, but like everybody else, you've just got to accept it and deal with it like Lucas does instead of going all 'hot and cold' like that stupid Jace Wayland. Hell, he hurts Claire and he even shouts at Helen at no particular reason. That's the thing I don't like though, yes everybody has their own problem but for everybody, whether it is Helen or Lucas or Jason or so many others, they always have those lame excuse to do somehting inexcusable. Even Noel and Caster really. Their thinking just sucks since they KNOW what it's like for forbidden love.

Anyway, can't wait for the third book. Josephine, please clear up the age thing already because it will already be conflicted enough between Helen, Lucas and Orion without that stupid lie. Jason, man up and deal with things. And really, Castor and Noel, you should be ashamed of yourself for killing your son that way.

Make it epic, please...

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