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it was amazing
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My opinion on this is basically ONE LONG EXTENDED SCREEEEEAM. Ok I love this series. I absolutely am obsessed with it. My hEarT. Of course finales come with so many expectations, but this was amazing. But then I am Shadowhunter trash and these books can do no wrong afjdskald. I will say that is is incredibly hard to write a review...my brain is a smooshed swirl of emotions.


➸ My ships. MY SHIPS.
Look I had expectations and wishes, and they were met. Although, I mean, I had a lot of cool theories that didn't happen -- GOD I WISH I WROTE FANFIC because I have thoughts. But anyway, I love the romance in these. I know we roll our eyes a lot at the whole "It's the end of the world but you're kissing right now???" thing. But also: it makes sense. Like at one point Cristina told Emma she had romance problems and Emma was like, THANK GOD. LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT INSTEAD OF DEATH. So I get that??? I think it's entirely natural that a bunch of teens who are stressed to the point of breaking will find comfort and longing in kissing one (or two idk go for it, childs) another.

also fkkkkk I LOVE MY SHIPS.

(view spoiler)

How my heart beats for my Blackthorns.
The family is so STRESSED here omg and devastated and wrecked. I love how they all tore away from each other and realised it wasn't helping. Helen is a sweetheart gift, I'm so glad she's here to be mum/big sister!! Mark continues to be SO PURE and wholesome afjdksald I love him. (He like makes donut sandwiches and he's so pleased with himself arranging the plates.) I love that Julian just SNAPPED because he held up for so long, it was good to see a human side. Dru got way more of a part and I loved it!! THE BLACKTHORNS ARE EVERYTHING.

I also just want to say I really really love Kieren. Far too much afjdklsa my faerie, dramatic deadly son. And Cristina !!!! LOVE CRISTINA!! Also Diana. And Kit is precious and his story has only just begun so afjdklsad I cannot wait for his trilogy even though it's going to be forever till it comes AHHHH.

Was it too long???
Here's the thing: 50% of me loved every. frikkin'. page. Because I want maximum time with my children. However, the book was genuinely uncomfortable to hold. It took me forever to finish it because my brain was screaming "READ MORE!!" but it physically hurt to hold. I knoooow. There are kindles. But I just think it should've been a bit shorter. Or two books? Two books would've been fine.

The plot was INTENSE THOUGH.
So much happened like afjdksald I'm a whirlwind. It's impossible to talk about the details without spoilers though, so I'm just living it as: it was so long, but yet never dull. I loved how it balances the soft moments (with coffee and cuddles and coloured pencil smudges and beach kisses) with the hardcore action moments (fighting in Faerie, slashing swords, using impossible magic, badass battles, heartwrenching traumaaaaa).

➸ I also have NO idea how Cassandra Clare keeps this all straight in her head. 0_0
I'm just...wow. There are so many threads, so many details (like who has which knife and how that's important later) and it just boggles my mind!! The histories all twine together and reference each other and it's just Good™ and clever.

➸ And it doesn't spare the emotions.
I LAUGHED. I CRIED. I WAS A MESS. I was like anxiety laughing all the time??? There's less sassy comebacks in this one because the book is SO DARK. But god, I live for the one-liners. But seriously it ripped me to pieces AND it was satisfying and good.

I THINK THE THING TO TAKE AWAY HERE IS THAT I LIKED THIS BOOK. Just a little. Not much obviously. I'm chill. *hACKS UP A LUNG* It gave me what I desperately wanted with my sons' ships. It gave me maximum Blackthorn time. There was mercy AND vengeance. There were plot twists, cunning schemes, and love. It was the kind of emotional wave that you just stand there, fists clenched, and scream for a very long time bECAUSE YOU FEEL TOO MANY THINGS AT ONCE.

ugh ok. I need to go cry until The Red Scrolls of Magic and Chain of Gold are out.

"But I thought -- you said we would be done with each other."
"I am not done with you," said Kieran. "I could never be done with you, Mark Blackthorn."

"I am also an excellent cooke," said Mark, putting an acorn onto his s'more. Everyone stared.
"He can't help it," said Cristina loyally. "He has lived with the Wild Hunt for so long."
"I don't do that," said Kieran, eating a s'more in the correct fashion. "Mark has no excuse."
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Cassandra Clare
“As we all have an infinite capacity to make mistakes, we all have an infinite capacity for forgiveness.”
Cassandra Clare, Queen of Air and Darkness

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20.39% "if anything bad happens to my son Mark, i will throw a chair"
January 16, 2019 –
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32.89% "things that have honestly happened so far:

- Mark had to specifically be told to wEAR PANTS before a patrol
- Kit just waved a fork at a very dangerous warlock and said, "ha you're forked"
- anytime someone breathes too closely to Cristina, both Kieran and Mark get ready 2 fite u
- Diego is stress-yelling every time he's called "Perfect Diego"
- Mark still has no idea how to babysit so lets the kids pick locks."
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57.13% "*just exists in a constant state of flail and pain*"
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72.37% "[everything is currently going to hell]
Mark: I will make my famously loved donut sandwiches to help.
Emma: only Tavy likes them
Julian: literally no one else will eat them
Mark: [soft firmness] my famously loveddonut sandwiches will help."
January 24, 2019 –
page 660
72.37% "[everything is currently going to hell]
Mark: I will make my famously loved donut sandwiches to help.
Emma: only Tavy likes them
Julian: literally no one else will eat them
Mark: [soft firmness] my famously loveddonut sandwiches will help."
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Alexandra Cait...are you alright after reading the ending?


Jamie Rose Not reading the review because spoilers, but I'm glad it didn't let you down!

Alexandra C.G. wrote: "WHAT IS ALRIGHTTTTTTTT."

:D :D :D
At least I'll have Chain of Gold and Jem to soothe my FEELS!

Marija You liked it. Yaaaassss. It was awesome

Melissa ~ Missy (FrayedBooks) I am also Shadowhunter trash, now and always, and I FEEL YOU ON EVERYTHING YOU SAID IN THIS REVIEW. It was a long book, but I DONT' CARE I'LL READ A MILLION PAGES OF SHADOWHUNTER LIFE GIVE IT ALL TO ME and this is why I am thankful for audiobooks.

I feel like at this point we're in this for life. It's fine. I'M FINE. JUST PROTECT MY CHILDREN. How Cassie keeps it all straight, I imagine, is that meme of all the theories on the wall with the string. Something like that.

I also feel you on Kieran x Cristina x Mark. I'M HAPPY BUT I'M NOT HAPPY???? MY PRECIOUS OT3, the ship I would've went down to the bottom of the ocean with - SAILED but only for weekends in a cottage HAHAHAAAAA -cries- I'm salty about it but. I guess its SOMETHING? ALL I'M SAYING IS CASSIE BETTER GIVE US WARM FLUFFY STORIES OF THEM and there better be Kieran's cat calendar in that cottage. But really I could read an entire book of just these three and be content.


I loved Kieran more than I ever thought I would. My heart. THIS BOOK. THIS WORLD. GIVE MORE MORE OF THE BLACKTHRONS. THERES SO MANY OF THEM I NEED MORE LIKE, NOW. Not in like 3+ years or whatever????

A+ REVIEW, you put into words what I could only put into capslock.

Ceridwenn "The Blackthorns are everything"... yes definitely!! I love how I can "hear" your reviews that’s so much lol!!
I really loved the book too for all the reasons you mentioned, only one (important) thing that I disliked but anyway I love them all so much and was relay happy for my ships too !

Hailey Hudson Kit is getting a trilogy??!!! I did not know this!!!

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