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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
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Apr 16, 2008

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bookshelves: paranormal, re-read, 2008

So I read this book after seeing it on many recommended lists.

I liked it, I didn't love it.

Things I liked.

1. The world which these novels inhabit. You can tell a lot of thought and energy went into the world building here.

2. The actual Brotherhood and the easy banter of the Brothers. They felt like comrades, brother-in-arms.

3. Beth. For once I liked the female character more than the male protanginist. She was smart, capable and although she fell madly in love with no reason at all (apart from all the fabulous orgasms!) not stupid.

4. That the Vampires were modern. I'm not a big fan of the vampire myth, I've never been fascinated with them. I like that that have chosen to live in the present instead of wallowing in the past. They speak in a modern way (except when in ceremony) they listen to modern music and wear modern clothes (although the biker leathers and tight muscle shirts are a tad stereotypical and not my thing baby!) I'm so glad they aren't all wearing white shirts with lace at the throat and trying to de-flower virgins. It's sooo Bram Stoker! :)

5. Butch. I love Butch. Nuff said.

6. The butler. He was sweet and funny

What I didn't like.

1. First and foremost, the names. Man this author needs to do something about naming her characters. They are just AWFUL. Wrath, Rhage, Tohrment, Phury, Zsadist Vishous...I mean COME ON! It took me out of the narrative every time a name appeared. Awful, awful names.

2. Wrath. He did absolutely nothing for me. Biker leathers and long hair. Nope. So the romance part was a bust. For me. I was much more intruiged by Marissa & Butch.

3. The baddie never felt like a threat at all. Not once. And he had a crap name. Again.

4. The sex was beyond weak. But maybe that was because I wasn't into Wrath.

But for all it's sins, it was an entrertaining read which I enjoyed and it was enough to keep me going onto the second book, but more to see how the plot unfolds and hoping to bump into other characters again.
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Kasia Awesome review!

Charise Hahaha I forgot about Vishous. It makes me laugh every time I read it because I nicknamed my cat Vicious.

Sharon Morse I really liked this book, and have to disagree with you about Wrath...but, you're so right on about the names. Giggling ensues when I read them.

Lali Definitively agree with you on the names!

Alyssa With reference to the names, I couldn't help but wondered if I was reading about deadly immortal warriors or a heavy metal boy band!

message 6: by Veronica (new)

Veronica Haven't read the book yet, but the names are hilarious. I'm actually scouting for vampire novels to read and my search has led me here. thanks for the review, you highlighted the good and bad ones.

Marina Z. Agree that they are not particularly sexy names, but they are there to represent each character: Wrath, Fury, Rage, Vicious, Torment and Sadist. Each name represents the person, Rhage for Rage, because of the beast inside him, and how he comes out, and so on...

Chanelle On my second read, but I thought I was the only person who had a problem with those names! It's as if their parents knew exactly what their issues would be! So far Wrath was actually ....wrathful, but I couldn't connect with him at all. Still, great review!

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