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Protect Us from All Anxiety by William A. Burke
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This was not owned by local public libraries, so I ordered it. I read the book in a day. It's easy to read. Father William is very poetic and good at expressing his feelings. It may be lacking a little bit on "craft." I gave it 4 stars because there was something a little amateurish about the text and the way the book is crafted. Illustrations are expressive and go very well with the text. The book does have that singing of words and pictures together, but again there is something a little amateurish about the illustrations.

Personally I need a little bit more hope. I was kind of upset that Father William hasn't followed up with more wonderful books about how he's surviving anxiety and depression.

I also have a family I have to support, so I don't have the luxury of being able to go some place and rest and concentrate on group and individual therapies and have my medication adjusted. I have to keep working and leave phone messages to doctors because I have to stay employed so that I have the insurance to be able to get medication and keep leaving the messages on the phone. There's lunch time 12 step meetings. Hanging in, but it is very hard. Yes, I'm working on a book...

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message 1: by Kris (new)

Kris I agree with Debbie that I would love to see another book by Fr. William. And unfortunately, most people suffering from depression and anxiety can't do what he was able to do but I applaud the Catholic Church for taking care of their own so that Fr. William could return to ministry and reach so many others with his story.

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