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Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Aug 28, 2011

it was amazing
Read in August, 2011

Alexandria Andros is a half-blood – half human, half pure blood. And her race is trained at the Covenant to serve the children of the gods. But Alex and her mother fled no sooner then three years after Alex was deemed unworthy and have been on the run ever since. But Fate evidentially catches up with them when a daimon attacks her mother and she has no choice but to go back to the place her mother had sworn her to stay away from, the place where everything started – the Covenant. Hoping the Sentinels and Guards will take her back. But wishful thinking doesn’t get her anywhere when every step she takes to the ideal safety, her chances of death increases by a maximum number. Growing up being taught only one thing, training to kill the creatures she’s had to face from the very essence of her time. And now… that’s the very thing she’s being hunted by.

This short novella/ prequel was an outstanding beginning to a beautiful series. I cried at the very beginning – which was new for me – but laughed all at the same time. Alex had that sarcastic dry humor that reminded me of Rose from Vampire Academy. She was tough and boy oh man did she know how to fight. If I ever got stranded on an island surrounded by pirates and flesh eating monkeys, I’d want to be stuck with her. The story was sincere; the relationship between Alex and her mother was something I could connect to. You could literally feel the love through the words. And the way Armentrout put so much humor and fulfillment of wit in almost every paragraph made it such a great page-turner. The writing was perfect, flowing, edgy, elegant, and defiant. Rather then sticking with the basics, Jennifer L. Armentrout blew me away with her down to earth and very YA-ish vocabulary. Alex was daring and fierce, most definitely when it came to dealing with the daimons. It was like she turned into Xena the warrior princess. But the aggressiveness of her nature was something needed in the story, and it was very understandable. All in all, this was an amazing short prequel and I look forward to the release of Half-Blood with much anticipation.

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