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Sanctus by Simon Toyne
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Aug 28, 2011

it was amazing

Impressive Debut to the Suspense Thriller Genre

With a show-stopping debut like this, Simon Toyne should skyrocket to the top of the Thriller charts and bestseller lists in no time flat. Watch out Dan Brown, you might need to move over!

In the fictional city of Ruin Turkey, soaring high atop a mountain citadel, where the longest and darkest secret mankind has ever kept resides, many lives are threatened and forfeited to secure the mystery of the legendary Sacrament which has never been revealed to the world. Inside this towering sinister mountain haven, hundreds of monks inhabit the interior masquerading as a religious order of the highest rank, a monastery devoted to God. They protect a holy relic known to have healing powers and the gift of immortality. Rumors of what the Sacrament actually is has changed many times through the years, going backward in time since the beginning of mankind. Only a selected few inside the citadel are privy to its identity. Under strict rules and painful ceremonial sacrifices, these invited monks are allowed into the inner sanctum to witness the power within and therefore become a member of the green robed Sanctus. Through the penalty of death, these monks are sworn to secrecy. Members of the Sanctus are never allowed outside the citadel; forever they are imprisoned to keep the secret safe.

When Liv Adamson’s cell phone rings and a strange man informs her that he is a detective investigating a suicide case in Turkey, she tells him he must have the wrong number. Further details from Detective Arkadian reveal to Liz that a man’s body has been found with her phone number on a strip of leather swallowed by the victim, and by any chance does she know a man named Samuel? Ready to faint, Liz finally uncovers the mystery of her long lost brother who disappeared 8 years ago. Learning that he chose the monastic life was not surprising, but discovering that he escaped and climbed the sheer cliffs of the citadel, reached the top and two days later after mimicking the stance of the statue of Jesus that watches over Rio de Janeiro, jumps off the edge soaring like a kite, sent her mind reeling. Deliberately steering him self out of the jurisdiction of the monastery so that his body would be investigated by the local police, was more than mystifying and shocking! Swallowing apple seeds that he scratched a coded message into, was the puzzle of all puzzles for Liz and Arkadian to unravel.

Simon Toyne shows exquisite talent in his literary writing style to provide new fans of this genre with page turning suspense to rival that of authors James Rollins, William Dietrich, and James Twining. With ingredients of adventure, action, mystery, and ancient relics, Toyne has it all wrapped up pretty neat and tidy for a suspense novel you won’t be able to put down. Simon Toyne is a new author to put on the watch list for the very best example of darn good story telling! Loved this book, this was an excellent read!
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