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Half Lost by Sally Green
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hahHAHAHA fuck this book and fuck the author

(this is going to contain spoilers so Beware)

i'm not averse to tragic endings in general and neither am i averse to tragic endings in queer books (although i generally avoid them because we get enough tragedy in our day-to-day lives); i'm not gonna be all THIS BOOK SUX BC THE GAYS DIED necessarily.

the thing that is disgusting and the reason why i'm not gonna fuckin read this book is because she was queerbaiting her (mostly lgbt, mostly teenage fans) asking them to send in fanart of main M/M pairings and posting excerpts of the happy ending of the m/m couple but it turned out it was a huge lie and she killed them off.

it's pretty stupid to do something like that regardless of queer content; i find that pretty unprofessional actually. it's not a Huge Twist or a "haha, got you!!" moment, it's just fucking pathetic.. add that to the charged cultural backdrop of queer teens being delighted that queer characters get a happy ending for once, only for it to turn out that they fucking die after all,and it's just horrible. to my knowledge, she hasn't yet apologised, and until she does, i won't be reading anything else by this author.

i haven't rated this book and i don't intend to, and before anyone Starts, the widespread discontent and anger amongst her fanbase shows that this isn't just a couple of "special snowflakes" getting their feelings hurt, it's a group of LGBTQ fans being deliberately misled which leads to irritation and disappointment on the part of the reader, because they wanted to read a book where a queer person like them got a happy ending and they fucking didn't. the author strung them along to get publicity and sales for her book and then lied.

fuck. honestly the worst case of "bury your gays" to EVER, EVER exist.
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message 1: by Ninoska (new) - added it

Ninoska Goris I just hate tragic endings

☙ nemo ❧ @Ninoska most of the times i do prefer a happy ending tbh, but if it's really well written i can occassionally like tragic endings lol

Devann i read this book back when it came out and i enjoyed it well enough although yeah i'd prefer for queer people to get a happy ending but oh my god i had no idea the author did that. that is just fucking awful, definitely not reading another book by her.

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