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The Melody of You and Me by M.     Hollis
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did not like it

Unfortunately, I really was not a big fan of this book (least-favorite-book-of-the-year "not a fan of"). It does have it's perks, but ultimately, it was a big flop for me, especially seeing so many people on Twitter speak about it.

Positives: The Subject Matter
The Melody of You And Me conquers a lot of subject matter that deserves more light in literature.
-Filipina lesbian love interest
-female masturbation
-f/f sex
-*not knowing your career path as a young adult* (my favorite aspect of the book to be honest because it's so relevant to so many people around my age)

In my opinion, the inclusion of those aspects were the book's only high points.

To be brutally honest, this is the worst-written book I have ever read. The writing was so unbearable, I had to take a break every few pages to stay engaged enough to finish it (it's 144 pages, it shouldn't have been such a struggle to get through.) I felt like the writing was just so dummed down; Everything was written in such an OBVIOUS way as if I wasn't capable of making interpretations for myself - This novella was spoon fed to me and I cannot stand books written like this. The dialogue was unnatural and stunted, it was virtually all telling and barely showing, and just all around really really cringey. As a personal preference, I also really really dislike books written in third person, present tense. I don't know why, but it's so distracting and impossible for me to like. (Update 6/28: I wasn't aware the author isn't a native-English speaker while reading, so I recognize that it's definitely a potential factor as to why it wasn't for me personally. I can't say for sure that is the exact reason why I didn't enjoy it, but it's absolutely a valid possibility.)

This book definitely felt insta-lovey. Chris and Josie have only known each other for three weeks, have only done as much as dance with each other, and Chris is upset being introduced as Josie's friend (when they are legitimately only friends at this point???) I can understand really liking someone to the point of thinking about them a lot of the time, but Chris's reactions were very excessive.

I also kind of hated the fact that Josie, the love interest, is literally perfect with zero flaws? Sure, her behavior isn't 100% ideal (I'd wager about 96% of the time, she's a well-behaved angel), but there is legitimately nothing wrong with her. She's beautiful. She's smart. She's sexy and seductive. She's flirty and friendly and likeable. She's the best dancer in her class. She has a good relationship with her family. I am always so annoyed when authors create characters that are either ALL bad or ALL good. It's boring and it's under developed. (Update 6/28: removed the word "unrealistic" to this character having no flaws as to not invalidate anyone's personal experiences.)

Another thing that bothered me is that I felt the main characters were not independent from each other? Josie definitely has more of her own life, but throughout the novel, Chris's life if JOSIE. If Josie isn't there, Chris is thinking about her or on her way to see her. I really don't know who Chris is outside of Josie or her past relationship. The only individual thing about her is her music, and even that was disappointing because the one time she plays her guitar, it's for Josie. (Again, she talks about music and listens to it, but based on the actual events of the story, I'd say she only likes it in theory.) I love romance novels but I don't want to love A couple, I want to love two pieces of a couple because of how they fit together, and I can't think of many reasons as to why Chris and Josie are together, or why I would like either of them individually.

Also, there wasn't much of a plot. It's the story of Chris meeting Josie and a little bit of Chris's struggle with finding her future path thrown in there. There wasn't a lot of conflict (if there was, it was either Chris's insecurities or else resolved on the next page) and there wasn't even enough character development for it to make up for the lack of plot (there was a bit of character growth in the end, but I wouldn't consider it all that significant of great to improve the book). There just wasn't any substance, period.

All in all, I really disliked this novella. I think in theory, a lot of the points sounded nice and refreshing to read about, but it missed the mark on almost all aspects. I would only recommend this book to someone who is really looking for books with characters from the LGBTQIAP+ community and willing to try anything to fulfill that desire in reading. Otherwise, I'd give it a hard pass.

(Update 6/29) Obviously, this book wasn't my cup of tea. If you want insight from a reviewer who is represented by this book, I'd recommend checking out Sonja's #ownvoices review! (Thank you Sonja, for sharing it with me :)) https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...
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message 1: by Drew (new)

Drew Salas I really likes your reviews because, you always tell the truth without being mean or rude. That's something everyone in this comunity should do!!.

message 2: by Emma (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma Giordano Drew wrote: "I really likes your reviews because, you always tell the truth without being mean or rude. That's something everyone in this comunity should do!!."

Thank you so much <3

message 3: by Samantha (new) - added it

Samantha (continuousreads) I feel like now I need to read this book to know how NOT to write lol. love your reviews, your honest is so appreciated!!

message 4: by Riley (new)

Riley I just want to point out that the authors first language isn't english. Don't know if you already knew that

message 5: by hailee (new)

hailee i'm really glad i read this because i have only heard glowing review of this and defiantly would have been disappointed if i went into it

message 6: by Emma (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma Giordano I wasn't aware their first language isn't English! Thanks for letting me know. I wonder how much of that plays into me not enjoying their writing style.

message 7: by Jaedyn (new)

Jaedyn Aw that sucks you didn't like it. From your LGBTQIAP+ Recs I was so looking forward to picking this up:/

message 8: by Emma (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma Giordano Jaedyn wrote: "Aw that sucks you didn't like it. From your LGBTQIAP+ Recs I was so looking forward to picking this up:/"

I did state in that video that I really didn't like this book but I can see why other people would! Here's a review from a pan reviewer that might bring back your excitement :D https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

message 9: by Isabella (new)

Isabella I hate how we always have to kind of "conform" to shitty written books just because we want some representation - especially f/f representation. I read some amazing f/f books, but I also read a lot of bad written ones, and I wish more good stories with this kind of representation could see the light of day. ;/

message 10: by Kashi : ) (new)

Kashi : ) i like you (iam a girl and iam12)

McKinlay Dennis Thank you! I've seen so many good reviews for this and was starting to think I read a different book!

message 12: by Emma (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma Giordano Mckinlay wrote: "Thank you! I've seen so many good reviews for this and was starting to think I read a different book!"

Ah did you feel similarly? I felt like I've been the odd one out with this one, so although I'm sorry to hear we both didn't enjoy it, I'm glad I'm not totally alone :)

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