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Destiny by Mireille Chester
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Aug 26, 2011

it was amazing

Warning: This book is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Rating: 10 of 10

My Cover Thoughts: I love this cover for two reasons… The first being the symbol represents two people becoming one and the colour yellow means Yellow symbolizes wisdom. Yellow means joy and happiness. People of high intellect favour yellow. Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love. Sunday's colour is yellow-gold.


In this EPIC final book Mi puts every adventure and every pain and loss that Hayden and Jasper and the family has gone through together and you get to see what it means to be family.

In the first book Hayden finds out there is another world waiting for her. Her life depends on what she can accomplish once she gets there. She had to sacrifice a lot and she learned to love what she had and she learned how to live without the latest gadgets. She also got a new family that she learned to rely and trust on.

In the second book she has suffered loss and a lot of pain. She will lose people she holds dear to her and she will gain others. She will sacrifice for her family and she will fight for her family. She loses something dear to her and it just about destroys her and Jasper but they hold on to each other never letting go. She will fight to her death to keep everyone she loves safe.

In the epic conclusion Hayden will make choices that put her in harm’s way and she will fight alongside Jasper and her family in this EPIC battle to save them. If she cannot defeat the enemy she will lose everyone and have nothing to live for. She will journey home and have to fight the monster waiting there for her. Jasper will sacrifice a lot in this book to be with Hayden and it pays off. They will learn what it is to be a true family and fight side by side and win. Jasper will be tried and tested and nearly broken but his love for Hayden will see him through!

I did not want this series to end because Hayden and Jasper have such a raw love for each other and had such love for their family that I laughed, cried and screamed at this book because they went through so much but in the end true love prevails and they are living proof of it!

Memorable Quotes: “Sorry, Shlova.” He pulled me to his chest and kissed my forehead. “How are you doing?”
“Better now that you’re holding me.” I tilted my head up.
“Kiss me.”
He smiled and brought his lips down to mine. I sighed and closed my eyes. His tongue gently found mine. It didn’t take long until all I could feel was the heat of his body against mine. I was engulfed by the taste and the smell of him. He pulled back slowly and kissed the tip of my nose.
“Did it work?” He looked searchingly into my eyes.
I nodded. Jasper could always kiss me better. Of course, now that we had started I was finding it hard to stop. I poked my head up and looked around. We were nicely hidden by the bushes I had placed the blankets behind. I ran my hand under his shirt and played my thumb over his nipple. His mouth claimed mine again, this time just as softly as the first. My head started to reel.

Advice: Epic read and a must read for all ages!
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