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A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
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Aug 26, 2011

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Read from August 29 to September 10, 2011

I'm still unsure about how to rate this book. I have such incredibly mixed feelings about the whole thing.

For the negative: This book is really freaking long and I found myself becoming incredibly frustrated with that. I don't blame the book for this so much as myself, but still, it's worth mentioning. One of my other problems with it was the short chapters that changed perspective. This has always been something I've liked about the series because it makes it read a lot faster, however it ended up being a hindrance for me this time. The general way a chapter would go is that it would start off slowly and then build up and then end at an exciting point. The books in general follow this pattern. The reason this didn't work for me this time is that a chapter would end at an exciting point and then suddenly it was over and the chapter after would not carry any real interest for me. It made it a lot harder for me to keep reading.

The other major problem I had with the book is that it was utterly depressing. There were a few points when I lost all hope and that is a feeling I don't like when I'm reading. I will confess that by the very very last few chapters I did get a sense of hope again, but dang it was hard to make it through to that!

For the positive: Excellent writing. Not only in style, but the plotting and characters and mastery of the world he's built. While you might be surprised by what a character does, it's never unbelievable. We might not know why they did what they did, but we know enough to go, "Oh, they are craftier than I thought!" as opposed to, "He would NEVER do that!" That is good writing through and through.

The ending really made this book worth the slog. Those last few chapters redeemed so much for me. If I had stopped sooner I would honestly give the book something like a 2 or 3 with a note that it wasn't bad, it just was too depressing for me. Despite feeling uplifted, I still don't know how many stars to give it.

I'm definitely going to continue the series at some point, but my boyfriend's mom has been trucking through it and I really need a break. Not to mention I'm going to be re-doing how I read long books because I don't deserve to torture myself like this again!

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