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Seers by Heather Frost
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Seers has is a really good paranormal read mixed with a great romance, and a some really fun characters that I enjoyed meeting. I really liked the way Heather starts off her story. The prologue is what really grabbed my attention and I wanted to know more of Patrick's story.

I liked the way Heather developed the relationship between Kate and Patrick. It felt realistic to me and it wasn't one of those insta-love ones. Don't get me wrong, they definitely were drawn to each other, and they had great chemistry. I like that Heather made me wait for their relationship to develop into something and more and she does at great job at drawing that out over the course of the book. That was also in part to the fact that Kate was already in a relationship with Aaron. Their relationship really reminded of what it's like to have that "first love". They both truly loved each other, they've been through a lot together, but it seemed obvious to me that they stayed together out of connivance more than love. They weren't in love, but they loved each other and just sort of stayed together just because. That made Kate's wrestling with her feelings for Aaron through out most of the story relatable. My only compliant is I felt that it took to long for Kate to realize her true feelings for both Aaron and Patrick. I felt that in dragging out her struggles with coming to terms with what was happening between her and Aaron took a little something away from the story for me.

I really liked the paranormal element with guardians, demons and Kate's ability to see people's auras and know how they're feeling. I enjoyed getting to know and reading about some of the characters that are apart of Kate's life. I felt that each character added something to the story and played a part in bringing the storyline to life, and Heather even throws in a couple good twists with some of them. I had hoped to feel some sort of connection with them and sadly I didn't. I think some of that was due to feeling that the story at times focused more on descriptions of things vs the characters. That's not saying the story itself wasn't good, because it was. I liked the friendships and the family dynamics, but I personally needed more of a connection with Kate and her friends to really love the story.

Seers is a good debut. It's a fast paced, clean cut, fun read. As I said before, I liked the paranormal elements in it and I think Heather does a good job at using Seers to set up the rest of her series. I'm really looking forward to reading what Heather has in store for Kate, Patrick and the rest of the cast as the series continues. I'd recommend for YA readers 12 years old and older.

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