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Provoked by Joanna Chambers
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This is brilliant. It goes straight onto my Best of 2017 shelf. Honestly, I had no idea Joanna Chambers could write like this.

My standards for historical fiction are very, very high -- go ahead and call me a snob, I don't mind. I loathe anachronisms, and the worst anachronism of all is populating historical fiction with modern-day people with modern-day values and modern-day attitudes. You know, those fundamental attitudes about sex, gender, social class, government, religion, childrearing, personal hygiene, etc, that most people prefer not to have questioned as they go about their daily lives -- those are among the many things that writers of historical fiction must research and attempt to render convincingly. Not to mention the countless details of the physical world that need to be captured as well. Writing historically accurate/convincing fiction must be a nearly overwhelming job, and I'm sure glad I don't have to do it.

I was totally swept up in the world created here (I want to say I was "beguiled"), won over by details large and small. From the way shadows fall in a room lit only by a single candle, to how David struggles with his inner sense of worth in a society that would condemn him as an abomination -- I thought it was brilliantly executed, richly atmospheric, and emotionally engaging.

Before I move on to book 2, I need to say that I think Provoked would have made a magnificent stand-alone novel. It wouldn't have pleased romance readers, that's for sure -- but this book packs such a punch, and is so perfect in its self-contained way, that I'm almost sorry there are sequels. I guess that pretty definitively outs me as not-really-a-romance-reader. I do sometimes feel like a bit of an imposter here amongst "real" romance readers, but everyone has put up with me so far and I do appreciate that. :)

If the remaining books in the series are as immersive and moving as this one, I'll be blown away. And if they're not, I'm still going to remember this one as nearly perfect of its kind.

~~ Oh yeah, and THAT COVER. The old one wasn't bad, but the new one helped move this book right up to the top of my TBR shelf. Go ahead and call me shallow, I don't mind. ~~
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Alisa This series gets better each book. The third is the best and Murdo.......*sigh* and *heart eyes*

Teal I'm not sure I can survive it getting better -- I was up until 3AM reading this one! But there are worse problems to have... :D

message 3: by Mymymble (new) - added it

Mymymble I agree with everything you say about historical fiction 100%! Have you checked out Erastes' old site ' Speak its Name'? The reviews there are good.

Teal Thanks Mymymble, I'll take a look at that. Erastes is the real deal. I'm a little concerned that it looks like she's not writing any more...? Or at least not publishing anything new. :(

message 5: by Mymymble (new) - added it

Mymymble She's certainly not maintaining Speak its Name but Antonella e-mailed her and it's now navigable. So many helpful reviews of historicals. I'm still hoping to find an affordable copy of her Junction X which is set 197Oish. She's got a high-powered day job so I can sympathise.
Unlike GR Martin.
WoW? Maybe 2020? WTF dude?

Kathleen So good!

Teal Kathleen wrote: "So good!"

So true!

I'm trying to focus on my TBR pile and avoid rereads, but I'm really tempted by this.

Annery This whole series was just .... perfection. I loved it. We're peas in a pod. Did you try the audio? It's excellent.

Teal I'm not really an audiobook person, Annery. I'm currently trying to listen to Him, which is a favorite read, but I'm having trouble because one of the MC's voices isn't how I imagined it. Maybe I'd have better luck with this book, though, since I've only read it once and my preconceptions haven't been so firmly entrenched! Thanks for the rec; I have one more Audible credit to use before I let my membership expire...

Annery ∙ Teal ∙ wrote: "I'm not really an audiobook person, Annery. I'm currently trying to listen to Him, which is a favorite read, but I'm having trouble because one of the MC's voices isn't how I imagin..."

Good luck! Sometimes it works better if you do the audio on a book you haven't read. No preconceptions to overcome. I loved it. And Him too. :D

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