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The Italian's Ruthless Baby Bargain by Margaret Mayo
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Aug 26, 2011

did not like it
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I dunno what to say about this book. I mean, it was alright I guess... Nothing special but nothing really bad either. I mean sure, the storyline was cliche, with the employer-employee lust thing going on? Then later falling in love? I dunno, its fine I guess. I mean this could have been a good book, I actually enjoy reading about employers and employees falling in love. But for some reason, this just didn't do it for me. For one, I couldn't feel their love at all. Secondly, the fact that she was pregnant didn't help the storyline at all. It just seemed casually thrown in to me. And I cannot agree with the title. How was it a ruthless baby bargain? To me, he didn't even force her to marry him, he told her he loved her and wanted her to marry him. I don't see how is it ruthless. And though yeah he admitted his love for her only after she was pregnant, he didn't have to coerce her into marrying him or strike any sort of bargain. So how does the title fit in?

Ugh, I was really disappointed actually. I mean, at the beginning it was alright, about a 3.5 stars book! Then later it just deteriorated into a really bad book. I know I shouldn't criticise but I really didn't like the plot. I felt that many events were just thrown in randomly and it didn't really make sense nor did it really affect the book. For example, them going to his father's house. I mean, it doesn't really affect anything. Later on he reveals he went there to tell his father that they were gonna be married but he hadn't even proposed? I dunno, I was just like, huh? At least come up with a more convincing thing or stick to the original story of bringing his daughter to see her grandfather.

All in all, I felt that this was a read that could be passed by. Certainly nothing special and quite honestly, now that I look back, rather a waste of time. The ending was dismal at best and I couldn't even believe they were in love, let alone going to get married. The guy was just PMS-ing at the end, his behavior didn't even make sense half the time and that wasn't really cleared up, just brushed over so lightly, I don't even know if I truly read it. As for her, she was alright I guess but nothing really stood out about her. I'm sorry I forgot their names, believe it was something like Penny and S----? I seriously can't remember his name and I'm too lazy to check...

Anw, that's all I have to say about what could have been a good book but turned out to be honestly, quite bad.


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