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It Looked Different on the Model by Laurie Notaro
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Aug 25, 2011

it was amazing
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Have you ever wondered if a size "M" truly is smaller than a size "L"? Laurie Notaro did, and in her new memoir It Looked Different on the Model: Epic Tales of Impending Shame and Infamy she recants the entire tragedy from being stuck in the shirt to the bloody aftermath in priceless hilarity. Laurie Notaro's new memoir is a story about the life of an average woman dealing with average daily struggles & situations, but with a twist. It Looked Different on the Model: Epic Tales of Impending Shame and Infamy is a memoir that Chick Lit readers everywhere will be nodding their heads in agreement with and shaking with laughter page after hilarious page.

It's rare that a book has me continually laughing from page one to the very end, but It Looked Different on the Model did. Laurie Notaro takes situations that we all encounter and exploits every possible hilarious angle to make this memoir one of the funniest books I've ever read. The story is made up of short essays, but I had no problem making a connection between each one. Each essay seemed to flow directly into the next and was just long enough to have you in tears but were ready to start all over again with the next story.

As I stated, from the very beginning Notaro starts off leaving you in stitches. Her first essay relates to the title of the book as it's her experience trying on a shirt in a posh store where she normally wouldn't shop. Being that the store is miraculously open and a shirt she loves there is also on sale she decides to take the plunge by trying it on. What ensues from that point on is non-stop hilarity beginning at her comparison of the shop to the popular chain store Anthropology. Just take a look at this excerpt where she describes the experience of the aftermath of horrible lighting in Anthropology's dressing rooms...

As a result of that experience, I do think all Anthropologies should provide a courtesy volcano just outside their dressing rooms so every woman who is revealed as completely inadequate by the lighting can throw herself in rather than contaminate the store staging for any long than absolutely necessary. (p. 14 of It Looked Different on the Model by Laurie Notaro)

Absolutely hilarious and thoroughly honest. Laurie's experience in the dressing room is certainly one I could relate to and I think most women can. You go in thinking one thing and come out completely torn up, in Laurie's case she's literally torn up.

For fans of Jen Lancaster, Susan McCorkindale and Sandra Beasley, Laurie Notaro's unrelenting truth filled hilarious memoir is one they absolutely fall in love with. Take every situation you've ever been in and turn it into a comedy tale with side-splitting laughter and that's where you'll find Notaro's memoir. With essays that run the gamut from Halloween heimlich disasters to baking offenses that all of us will inevitably make or have made, It Looked Different on the Model by Laurie Notaro is one that readers everywhere will relate to with ease. This is the perfect read for Chick Lit fans everywhere and especially good if you are looking for an afternoon filled with tears that only hysterical laughter can produce. Run to pick up your copy now, you won't regret it!

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