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Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
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Aug 25, 2011

it was ok

"Sit, Phantom!" Ivy cooed. "On your bottom!"

"Oh, for goodness' sake!" Gabriel put down his book and pointed a longer finger at Phantom. "Sit," he commanded in a deep voice. Phantom looked sheepish and sank straight to the floor.

Ivy scowled in frustration. "I've been trying to get him to do that all day! What is it with dogs and male authority?"

That was definitely what I liked most about this book--the siblings.

I think it's kind of easy to write my thoughts on this book.

The book was fine, I could give it that much. But that's the only thing I can give it, because it was a little too expected. I kind of knew what was going to happen since I read the summary, and the plot didn't exactly take a turn until the middle. I also procrastinated a lot with this story, and I found excuses to pause now and then when I was only halfway through.

The book covered a lot of cliches, and the romance was so predictable, I found the prom scene so lame to read I literally skimmed it over with half-closed eyes. I liked the characters of Xavier and Gabriel, but I found some, like Molly and even Bethany a little too unrealistic, despite the fact that the book was a fantasy. I wanted a little more tension, a little less unnecessary events, because five-hundred pages of romance with a plot arriving in the middle is kind of pointless to read. I also wished Jake could have appeared earlier, because the author sort of added him in like a topping to put glamour into it; it seemed like if he wasn't even there, the book might as well have passed as a simple romance between an angel and a human. I was kind of surprised that Jake was responsible for Emily's death, but was glad, too, because at least that part didn't look so pathetic any more.

I think my favourite part of this book had to be somewhere in the beginning, because that's where things actually happen, and people actually talk. Later on Beth and Xavier's relationship was based on I don't even know what. It was too chore-like, in my opinion, and it kind of made my eyes glaze because it felt like reading the same thing over--and over--and over. I was hoping that they would have an argument or something--and the one involving Facebook and Jake wasn't too interesting. It felt like the book was based on adding things to make the plot better.

I'm not saying I hate this book, or that it was downright stupid, because it wasn't. I actually did like reading something from a supernatural creature's point of view, and a smartish one, at that. I just think the plot could have done better, but nevertheless, I'll still read the next book, Hades.

2.3 stars, I think this deserves.

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9.07% "I find it adorable that these angels are so innocent."
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