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Timeless Heart by Karyn Gerrard
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Aug 25, 2011

(Review from the author)
it was amazing

This is a review from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, not my own rating~

Timeless Heart is excellent. Jerrod and Sandra are the typical star crossed lovers, hot together but unable to avoid the angst of responsibility and consequences of their situation. The real surprise is that I never expected a time travel romance to have such humor and insight. Karyn Gerrard is amazing in the way she deals with a person from the past being astonished with all our modern conveniences, most of which we take for granted! And the humor she finds in many of these things is priceless. I don’t know which is funnier: how Jerrod first reacts to electric razors, take-out food, or flush toilets, but I wouldn’t want Sandra’s water bill next month either way!

I really liked Jerrod and Sandra in Timeless Heart. These are not perfect people by a long shot. They have issues in their past, Sandra’s tragedy and Jerrod’s ‘hang-ups’ from his fiancée leaving him. Sandra is a tad dreamy and soft-hearted. Jerrod looses his temper easily. Yet when they get together, the passion is scorching and one can understand why they give into it. They both come across as real people and easy to connect to. The real secret to Timeless Heart is that even far fetches as it is, we can still believe the attraction and them giving into it so fast, eventually falling for the other. With the problems facing them, I was seriously worried how Gerrard was going to find a happy ending. I must say that I was not only happy with the ending, but liked the solution Gerrard found for one of the issues (that’s all the hint I’m giving).

Timeless Heart is a fun story that will appeal to many readers, not just the paranormal, time travel junkies. The science is all theory and unlikely, but fiction has doesn’t have to be accurate to be enjoyable. The romance between Jerrod and Sandra is beautifully done, with sizzling hot sex scenes that start off as lust but quickly build into more. Timeless Heart is highly recommended. Can’t help but wonder if there will be follow up stories dealing with the other passengers that were in the carriage with Jerrod when he came forward in time?

Review By Vicky


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