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Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day by Ben Loory
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Aug 25, 2011

really liked it
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Read on August 25, 2011

first of all, i want to mention that i did NOT win this in the firstreads program. poops. ben loory is not a poop, though; even if you miss his book signing because you go to the wrong bookstore and instead sit through an entire presentation about the merriam-webster dictionary, nervously wondering when ben loory is going to come out and claim the stage - he will still give you a copy of his book and eat nondairy fruit desserts with you.

i admire that in an author.

because the minute i saw this cover in the firstreads offerings, i knew i had to have it. it is way too nice not to own - observe the tentacles! and he is a discover author which, say what you will about the company for which i work (and you all have), the discover program has picked some mighty fine books in the past. i don't think i have read a dud yet. and this is no dud; it is not just the free copy talking, this is definitely something you should read. especially if you are greg.

i don't know what these stories are: light horror? dark fantasy? they are little flashes of nightmares - little blinks into spookytown. they are somewhat reminiscent of millhauser. right? they are sleek like his stories, and have the same "dangerous poisons lurking within bright-colored lollipops" thing that millhauser is so good at. i have no control over my metaphors tonight. i blame my hurricane feast of cheese and more cheese. i have dairy-logy brain.

i am doing a disservice to this book. what an asshole i am.

i swear, all cheese-langour aside, the stories are great fun - and so damn short i read the whole book in one day. which is probably the wrong thing to do. i feel like i should have spaced them out more - maybe read one a day and savored them, the way i make my easter cadbury eggs last, so that i can still enjoy one in september, if i want to. instead i did what i do with girl scout cookies, which is a massive binge-and-regret. (purging is for rich folks - i cannot waste food - it goes against my upbringing) and i do regret it, a little bit. because now what am i supposed to do?? i could read them again, and i probably will, but now the thrill of discovery is passed, and that is the best part!! the novelty, the punchline. i'm sure there is a word for this kind of deep sincere regret, perhaps in the merriam-webster, but i was too filled with shame to pay much attention to mr peter sokolowski.

sorry, peter sokolowski!!

wow. focus, karen.

you people should read the book. and then tell me what i should have said about it to make you want to read it. i know - i am getting all möbius and shit on you (not "shit on you", but "möbius and shit" on you) but you get my meaning. i think con edison has turned off the power to my brain, so i will end this here and batten down my hatches and whatnot.

you will like these stories. that is all.
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message 1: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer The title is what made me look at it more closely, but the write-up sounds really interesting.

message 2: by Greg (new)

Greg Something about this review tells me I might like this book.

karen you are an astute reader of reviews.

message 4: by Greg (new)

Greg That is my philosophy training in close reading coming in handy!!

message 5: by Will (new) - added it

Will Byrnes quelle fromage

Looks like a book for suckers, or would that be about suckers?

karen mmm cheese suckers....

message 7: by Will (new) - added it

Will Byrnes Cheekers?

message 8: by Michael (new)

Michael That's kinda a cheesy review. Odd as it seems I'm currently munching some of BJ's Havarti and dill. Not too bad.

karen we are a cheesy family, for sure.

Kathrina Are you saying that you ate non-dairy fruit desserts together, like, in the same room, like, "Let's go get some non-dairy fruit desserts and talk about how you didn't show up at my reading?"

karen something like that, only it wasn't as a reward for missing his reading, nor a guilting session. i had already made arrangements for him to come by and sign stock, and then there was non-dairy dessert establishment nearby, so it all worked out.

Kathrina Ben is a sweetheart. I wish I worked at a destination store...with dessert establishments nearby. Well, we have Orange Julius...

karen i like orange julius. i think we have one at the mall in queens, but not near my work, alas.

the "destination store" thing is really a mixed bag. it means we have to have giant major events every day of the week, which are exhausting and cram too many people together and create obstacles and... odors.

Kathrina what a pain you have to meet major authors every week. We are not "cramming" but there are still plenty of odors.

karen hahaahaha no sometimes it is great, definitely, but sometimes when adults are climbing onto and breaking shelves and tables to get a better look at tyra banks or whatever, it really lowers your faith in humanity.

Kathrina Surprisingly, it is difficult to find faith in humanity in a bookstore.

karen i am heading out there soon - my prayer is just for one night not to be called a bitch, or shoved, or condescended all over.

one day, please.

message 18: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Bitch!

Now that I've taken care of that, maybe everyone at work will be nice? Or is like in Cursed where you can't get out of it by asking someone to slap you?

karen they will slap me anyway

message 20: by Maureen (last edited Sep 24, 2011 11:29AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maureen karen met ben because i wanted to meet karen, and i felt badly that she was never winning any goodreads giveaways. we were supposed to buy her ice cream for her birthday but we got non-dairy fruit press instead and forgot to buy it for her, so we are not very good at meeting internet celebrities. sad that nobody ever wants to meet the editors, the people who nag the authors into writing awesome books. :P

karen i want to meet everyone.

Kathrina I want to meet Maureen, and be nagged into writing awesome books.

karen she's pretty great, i would say

message 24: by Maureen (last edited Sep 24, 2011 12:26PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maureen hi kathrina! it takes A LOT of nagging, i warn you, to get somebody to feel their book is ready for the world. and that is after all the querying, and musing, and reading of many variants and endings. it can be a lot of fun when the editor is not exhausted from all the nagging. :)

and karen, you are pretty much the nexus of the goodreads universe. i'm sure you will meet everyone. i was really happy to meet you. up there with best parts of the trip. :)

Kathrina Come to Iowa?

Maureen Kathrina wrote: "Come to Iowa?"

i just read an article yesterday saying iowa city is a great book city with awesome bookstores. so apparently it is the place to be! as soon as i get a green card and driver's license i'll meet you in the haunted bookshop. :)

Maureen oh p.s. you might enjoy this: http://youtu.be/d_0Z9AmR6ss

message 28: by Jenbebookish (new)

Jenbebookish Where do u work Karen?

karen i work at the barnes and noble at union square. and i only got yelled at once today. score!

Kathrina i just read an article yesterday saying iowa city is a great book city with awesome bookstores. so apparently it is the place to be! as soon as i get a green card and driver's license i'll meet you in the haunted bookshop. :)

Let me know, I'll meet you there!

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