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Untamed by P.C. Cast
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Aug 24, 2011

really liked it
Read in August, 2011

Well, just finish reading book four of the series…
I love doing reviews, and I couldn’t wait to do one already… I decided to combine the first four books into my review, because of the twelve books there’s going to be on the series.
I see the books as being divided into arcs… four books for per arc, meaning there would be 3 arcs and it does makes sense.
Going to my review now.
The first book on the series, the novel pretty much starts good. We get introduce to Zoey, and the house of night stuff (aka PC cast and junior cast favorite word).
On a way they do bring a semi-new freshness about vampyres, not using the common word vampires, talking more about imprints.
The book ends on a good note, but not enough action for a TV Show or movie. Yet. 3/5 stars
The second novel follows rapidly the events from Marked, but with way much TEENAGE DRAMA!!! Overall the book is good, not much is seen in here just Zoey struggling with romantic feelings for Erik, Heath and Loren.
We learn not everyone seems to be who they’re and so sad news with one of the characters dying and resurrecting as an evil persona.
The third sequel gets a little on my nerves, because of the childish cussing, and overly gayness of Damien and Jack. Not all gay guys act THAT gay.
Chosen on general keeps following Zoey boy drama, and befriending Aphrodite and Zoey (spoiler alert) losing her virginity to one of her many boys.
We see two deaths on this book, and Zoey being seen as a skank by her friends and losing them at the end of the novel.
Overall 1.5/5 stars

To me the fourth books is where finally things get into motion, we see action, more hot guys, deaths and an ancient evil coming back, but the book has many flaws and mistakes. Well too many for two authors collaborating together on a book, and for an editor who’s suppose to read the novel before being publish to not notice them.
One) At the beginning Zoey doesn’t know about Stark being what type of former, then some lines up she said he is a sixth former…. HOW ON THE WORLD WOULD SHE KNOW WHEN SHE SAID SHE DIN’T.
Two) The summary of the novel doesn’t go according much to the book, her friends forgive right away, they should of not forgiven her until the end of the novel.
Three) Zoey is a little weak, for a major heroine, some grammatical errors, and some slang that gets under my skin bad and more annoying gayness. (nothing about gayness I’m gay.)
Overall I give it a 4/5 because of the good cliffhanger.

The house of night has a good plot, but from what I can see the Casts are dragging the series miserably the books should have just been six instead of twelve. Going to start reading book five right now and try to finish all the way to eight by this coming Monday, August 29. Each copy of the books have been sitting on my bookshelf for about seven months, my summer reading list was big and I push this series until the end. Was worth it, because book nine comes out on October and I don’t judge the Casts for the many reference of pop culture on their novels. They must be busy writing book 10, or 11 or even 12th , better make Damien get Jack back, yes I see spoilers. And Zoey better end with Stark and Neferet dead and Ko..whatvr the dude better be vanquish forever and NO SPIN-OFF LIKE VAMPIRE ACADEMY…Twelve books are enough plus those short novellas.

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