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Stealing Faces by Michael Prescott
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Aug 24, 2011

liked it

Good enough read, rather long and drawn out however. I found myself losing interest at various points, but the author did manage to reel me back in. Cray of course was an interesting pyscopathic, but annoyingly over the top. Of course in the end, his own arrogance was his undoing. Kaylie, I liked but she started off pretty weak, and of course througout the course of the book had more than a few "dumb" moments. Detective Shepherd was pretty cool, typical of most cops in that they don't believe anything without so called hard proof. Overall it was a good read, I give it 3.5 stars and would still recommend it. Just be prepared for a long read.

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August 24, 2011 – Started Reading
August 24, 2011 – Shelved
August 24, 2011 –
page 3
0.71% "Well now, Cray the HUNTER has started turning into Cray the PREY and he's not liking it..lol.."
August 24, 2011 –
page 38
8.96% "Ok, so they both think they are tracking the other undetected..Cray and Elizabeth Palmer...this is gonna be crazy..."
August 24, 2011 –
page 40
9.43% "OK,I just can't stop giggling everytime they mention the "chevette" Elizabeth is driving...i remember those cars...priceless..lol..."
August 24, 2011 –
page 55
12.97% "I sure hope elizabeth aka Kaylie got a masterplan cause Cray just got that ass...SMDH..."
August 24, 2011 –
page 63
14.86% "See now Kaylie is caught between hell and highwater..Cray is NUTS!! and she is CAUGHT...."
August 24, 2011 –
page 80
18.87% "Yeah, she is definitely batting zero right now..I hope Kaylie/elizabeth got a better plan than this last one she tried..."
August 24, 2011 –
page 89
20.99% "wow, the bs Cray has told himself to justify the monster he is...PRICELESS!!"
August 24, 2011 –
page 96
22.64% "So Kailey managed to get away, can you believe it? shit I couldn't, cause she was like the WORST when it came to formulating a plan..lol...now watch she's not smart enough to leave Cray alone..."
August 25, 2011 –
page 130
30.66% "If you're going to THINK you've won the game, make SURE before you relax...someone needs to tell Kaylie this...lol..."
August 25, 2011 –
page 160
37.74% "Are you kidding me?? Cray is off the chain..OMG...this is the craziest sh*t I've ever seen...OMG...."
August 25, 2011 –
page 185
43.63% "Man this dude Cray is a piece of work!! I mean, I can't say what I want cause it will spoil it for those who haven't read it...but this sh*t is crazy, seriously!! lol...."
August 25, 2011 –
page 187
44.1% "I am so liking Detective Shepherd...he has read the truth about Cray's arrogant ass already...just hope he sticks with the trail and doesn't fall for the okey doke...."
August 25, 2011 –
page 190
44.81% "Man this dude Cray can sell ice to eskimo's...he is smooth as hell...lol..wowwwwwww!"
August 25, 2011 –
page 230
54.25% "OK, Cray has evvvvveryone fooled..damn, I sure hope Kaylie stops at a walmart or soemthing and buys some COMMON SENSE, cause the trick certainly doesn't have any...."
August 29, 2011 – Finished Reading

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