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Tiger's Destiny by Colleen Houck
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Aug 24, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: young-adult
Read from May 19 to 24, 2012

Kelsey, Kishan, and Ren are now on their final quest to break the Tiger’s Curse. They must find Durga’s Rope of Fire. Lokesh has kidnapped Kelsey and we left the guy’s in Tiger’s Voyage racing off to save her. She of course is rescued and all of them escape because they must break the Tiger’s Curse. After reuniting with Kadam and Nilima they are able to begin the journey of finding the Rope of Fire but this time they will need to make even greater sacrifices than they’ve ever had to before. This time they must journey to the center of the Earth in order to get the Rope of Fire. There they encounter new mythological monsters including a Phoenix, Zombies, Rakshasa (vampire demons), and a Chimera. Once they finally get a hold of the Rope their quest is still only half finished. They now must use the rope to travel into the past to stop Lokesh in an epic war and believe it or not create a warrior princess into Durga the goddess. And most importantly Kelsey still has a choice to make.

This is not the conclusion to the series there is sill one more book to go. I loved Tiger’s Destiny as much as I do any book in the series but it is a very heart heavy read. Many sacrifices are made and it is a very emotional story so it was definitely different in tone from the others. There’s not a lot of joking, teasing or laughing between the three like there is in the other books. I also must say I obviously read the arc because it is not out yet and it does not include the ending to the book. So, I do not know how it ends, I have an idea but we will all have to wait until September to know who makes the ultimate sacrifice.
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Julia March Ok and before everyone starts asking. I read this as an arc (advance reader's copy). You get these by working at a bookstore (which I do), working at a library, or working for a publisher. And before you message me about getting an arc, no I'm sorry I do not have one to send to you and I can not pass on the one I read because I already have to co workers.

Sydney Porter god i cant wait intil i'm old enough to work at a book store so i can get an advance readers copy....

message 12: by Nandanie (last edited Jun 14, 2012 12:56PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nandanie Great! I work at the library! Now what?

RegencyEmma Oh my!

message 9: by Reagan (new) - added it

Reagan I just read this review.... Does your review spoil anything from Tiger's Destiny?

Julia March Nandanie- you will need to speak with whoever orders arcs for your library and ask them to order you this if they don't already have it. Or whoever works with publishers sometimes can. Ask around if you don't know who does this.

The Big Bookworm- Well, if you read it then you know it doesn't lol. So, no I am pretty vague. I only expand upon the book summary as a sneak peek.

Nandanie thanks!

message 6: by Reagan (new) - added it

Reagan Haha ya I guess that was a dumb question. Haha sorry! Thanks tho! :D

message 5: by Reagan (new) - added it

Reagan Another question... I'm currently reading tiger's curse and I'm not really sure if I'm loving it so far haha. Does it get better? I just got to the part where Kelsey gets to India... Should I keep reading?

Julia March Yes I really do love this series. It is one of my favorite YA series and I recommend it at work constantly. I think Tiger's Curse was pretty slow until she got to India because nothing really happens until she goes. So, yes I would keep reading. My only complaint about the series is the love triangle. Almost all YA books have these because it keeps the teen girls who love romance interested and I didn't feel that this series needed to go down that path. Although I will say it works well in this story and has not annoyed me as much since Tiger's Quest. Ultimately it's up to you cause everyone's taste is different. I always give a book a hundred pages. I will say though that if you like fantasy, adventure, mythology, and culture you will love this series.

Nandanie the first part is all eh...it gets better!

message 2: by Reagan (new) - added it

Reagan Okay thanks guys! I guess I'll keep reading because I want to get ready for tiger's destiny in September! It looks awesome! :D

Nandanie ;D~ IT IS AWESOME!

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