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Backwoods Belle by R.C. Martin
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it was amazing

Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of #KFF

This book bowled me over; I fell, and fell hard, for both Ashley and Corie in the prequel Background Noise.  Backwoods Belle just cemented my love for this special couple.

This book was a continuation of where we left off, several months after Background Noise and Corie has moved to New York City and is working as Ashley Hicks Manager.

"You.  Handlin' Ashley Hicks like its second nature--like it's what you were always meant to do."

"I remember that the woman of his dreams celebrates birthdays with cupcakes and beer before she loves on her man until the sun comes up; I remember that that woman is me, and that I'm not in this alone.

On my best days, I'm brave and I love my Ashley without restraint.

And for now, that's who he is to me.

Just Ashley.

My Ashley.

My favourite thing about this book is the love.  The love between Corie and Ashley is so heart stopping.  They share a love that anybody would die to have.

Ashley Hicks is a true southern gentleman from Nashville, I adored the way he spoke, and his voice melted my heart.

"Never felt this way about anyone.  Never felt more sure about anyone.  I need you to know that."

"I want to make him feel as loved and as appreciated as he makes me feel.  I want him to know that I belong to him--every part of me."

"I really do love him.  It's not about the fame or his fortune.  It's not even really about his talent, even though I find that absolutely remarkable."

Backwoods Belle is at its basest form a soul mate/love at first sight/sweet romance.

I've read hundreds of romances over the years; but very few have managed to make me feel what they feel: friendship, companionship, true and unbreakable love.

"I hope I always love you this much--that you always want me this much.  I hope that no matter what, we'll always be able to find our way back to each other--to find our way back to this place, where you look at me the way you're looking at me right now; where you barely touch me and my need for you becomes annoyingly apparent."

Backwoods Belle was, in many ways a book with two journeys in it; one of self discovery for both Corie and Ashley and the other was about their loves.  They found no limits they would go to for their love for one another and how much they could both achieve with each other.

There are quite a few love scenes in this book, but I loved every one of them, they had meaning and they had reason for being there.  Smut for smuts sake, was not what this book was about.  The scenes moved the story and their love forward.

"'Life is hard,' I start to a whisper.  'It's unfair and it's relentless.  It never stops.  The sun will rise whether you're ready or not.  Days, weeks, months, years will pass with little regard to those who have to live through them.  Not all days are bad ones, but they aren't all good, either."

Ashley and Corie made my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Their love touched me in ways characters in books seldom do.

"I stare right back, attempting to say all that I cannot find the voice to speak.

That I love him deeply.

That I love him wholly.

That I love him passionately.

That I love him recklessly.

That I love him unendingly.

That I love him--all of him--I love him--

My Ashley."

This book worked for so many reasons.  The authors seamlessly enabled me to feel what was on the pages, to see what was on the page.

This book had so many things going on in it, but at no point Ashley and Corie never not a team. They battled, they loved and they grew stronger.

This is a tale of the kind of love we all wish we could have.

I simply cannot recommend this book, or this author more.

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